25 age conversation questions

25 intriguing age conversation questions

Age conversation questions

As the popular saying goes, ” Time waits for no man”. Ourselves and everything around us are getting older and aging with each passing moment. These unique age conversation questions are perfect for discussion on the subject.

This is a simple topic although the speaking activity does contain some terms and words that ESL learners may find difficult. These include –

The age conversation questions are – look forward to, retire and retirement, birth, pass away, require, objects, relatives, culture, value, appearance, prevent, civilization, elderly, and advice.

What age do you think is the happiest time of a person’s life? Why do you think so?

Are you looking forward to becoming older? What are some good things about aging?

What do you expect to be doing in your old age when you are retired?

At what age do you hope to retire? How will you go about achieving this?

Do you think that younger or older people have more friends? Why is this so?

How does a person’s body change as they age from their birth until they pass away?

What are some jobs that require a person to be young or at least under 50 years old?

To what age do you expect to live? What age would you like to live to?

Do you enjoy the company and friendship of people who are not your age? Why?

Can you think of any animals that live longer lives than humans? Which animals?

What buildings or objects will still be around in 1000 years’ time from now?

How do you feel about dating between couples who have large age differences?

Who are your oldest relatives? What are they like to do and are they happy?

At what age do people usually get married in your culture? When will you marry?

What kinds of things gain value as they get older? Do you own any antiques?

Can you think of any food or drinks that taste better with age? Do you like them?

Do you know anyone whose appearance is much younger than their actual age?

What age do you wish you were right now? Why and how would things be different?

Do you do or take anything to prevent your body from aging? What do you do?

What do you think is the most difficult age to experience in life? Why do you think so?

How has human civilization changed over time? How has your country changed?

Will you live with your parents when they are elderly and in need of care? Explain why.

Has an older person ever given you any good life advice? What did they say to you?

At what age are people allowed to drink alcohol, smoke, and drive in your country?

an age old pyramid in Mexico

Age Idioms

Here are some interesting idioms and expressions about age that you can use to continue the conversation after completing the age discussion questions.

Something that is as old as the hills is very old. A person who is over the hill is considered to be old. Another way to say a person is old is to say that they are long in the tooth.

If you live to a ripe old age, you live a long life.

When a person says that they were “not born yesterday“, they are saying that they cannot be fooled by a simple lie or trick or that they are not stupid.

A very long length of time, possibly many years can be described as a dog’s age or donkey’s years.

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