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5 free printable read and draw worksheets

Read and draw worksheets

Here are some fun read and draw a picture activity worksheets for kids and early teens. On these worksheets, students are to read and draw simple sentences to create scenes. The printables all have different themes and some are easier than others. Have a quick look to see which worksheet is most suitable for your students.

These exercises are great for reading comprehension and some of them use the basic adjectives big and small, as well as prepositions of place. Pictures have been added to the bottom of the handouts to both explain vocabulary and help with drawing ideas.

Students who are not used to drawing may find the task a little daunting. In this case, help out with some simple sketches on the board. Even stick man type drawings are fine, the main goal is the comprehend the writing and put the correct objects in the picture.

If you want to make these activities more challenging, you can get the class to use coloured pencils. Once the class has colours, you can assign colours to each of the objects to be drawn. This can either be done verbally or you can write a key on the board.

Monster read and draw story

This is a simple story about a monster where students must read and draw the correct amount of body parts.

There are also few extra silly sentences to complete the picture.

Toy shop printable read and draw

On this read and draw worksheet students are to draw 3 shelves and then draw toys on them.

You may need to explain the terms – top, middle, and bottom, as well as left and right.

Classroom read and draw a picture worksheet

This is one of the easiest read and draw worksheets.

Most students will be familiar with all the objects in the classroom perhaps except for ceiling fan. There is a picture of a fab in the handout to help with this.

Farm read and draw worksheet

This is the most difficult of the activities in that there are some large animals to be sketched.

There are some suggested pictures but your students may need further guidance to draw the farm animals. Help out with some simp[le drawings of a horse, cow, chicken, and duck on the board.

Related activities

If you are looking for activities that are similar but a little bit more difficult, check out the prepositions drawing worksheets and the ESL drawing activities. Both are pair work exercises but can be used in one on one lessons or by the whole class if you split them up into pairs.

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