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11 free digraph coloring pages

Digraph coloring pages

These free printable PDF digraph coloring pages are wonderful to make learning fun! They can be used in several ways to help learners with both pronunciation and vocabulary acquisition.

If you are not familiar with the term digraph, it is simply a combination of two letters that make a distinct sound. Digraphs can use both consonants and vowels.

These PDF pages use the OW, OU, OI, OA, EW, EE, AY, PH, CH, TH, and SH digraphs. Note that all the TH digraph words use the unvoiced sound. For more information on this and a pronunciation guide, check out the TH sound tongue twisters page.


Here is the full list of words that are used on the digraph coloring pages


SH – ship, dish, shrimp, shelf, sheep, brush, fish, shark, and shop.

TH- sloth, moth, three, mouth, thunder, path, thumb, tooth, and bath.

CH – chin, cheese, chat, chop, chimp, cheek, lunch, bench, and chess.

PH – photo, phantom, elephant, sphere, gopher, trophy, phone, and graph.

AY – say, clay, day, hay, play, tray, pay, spray, and bay.

EE – queen, peel, eel, sweep, see, tree, bee, reed, and sweet.

EW – ewe, new, threw, flew, brew, chew, sew, grew, and drew.

AO – goat, coat, soap, road, boat, toad, oak, oats, and float.

OI – boil, poison, toilet, oink, join oil, coin, voice, and soil.

OU – cloud, sour, mouse, shout, round, count, house, flour, and mountain.

OW – crown, down, cow, frown, town, clown, owl, towel, and flower.

How to use the digraph coloring pages

These digraph coloring worksheets can be introduced one at a time to young learners as they gradually develop their knowledge of the sounds and words. Once they have mastered one of the digraphs and have colored the page in, they can also be displayed on walls as anchor charts or posters for further reference.

Here are a few more ideas on how you can teach digraphs and use these pages for enjoyable learning activities –

1- The pages have been designed so that the digraph words and pictures can be cut out and used as flashcards. This way you can play any of your favorite flashcard games such as memory slap the board etc. You can also cut the words off the bottom of the cards or print 2 sets to play matching games.

2 – You can use the words on the pages to make fun chants or songs that kids will remember or even silly sentences.

3 – Cut out all the words of a particular digraph and make flipbooks that students can easily carry around and refer to. All you need for this is a pair of scissors and a stapler.

4 – You can dictate how each digraph should be colored. For example, you might say “The fish is purple”. Students are to listen, find the correct picture, and color it accordingly.

5 – Another fun use for the digraph coloring pages is to play noughts and crosses. This can be done one-on-one with the teacher, as pairwork, or even as a small team game. It is best to use colored tokens or separate pieces of paper with X and O written on them so that the pages aren’t destroyed!

6 – Once students have learned a couple of the digraphs and their words you can have a spelling bee. Another similar idea is to write words on the board without their digraphs. For example, you could write eese on the board to elicit the ch digraph from your class to make the word cheese.

7 – Finally, see if students can come up with any new digraph words that are not on the page. This can also be turned into a drawing and writing activity where they make their own digraph charts.

Related activities

You can find a ton of related pronunciation activities and flashcards in the pronunciation section of ESL Vault. There are free resources that target specific sounds that students may have issues with or that you want to teach in particular.

For more digraph specific printables, check out the the PH digraph words, the QU words with pictures, and the WH digraph words.

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