oo tongue twisters

23 Silly OO tongue twisters

OO tongue twisters

This is a fun collection of OO tongue twisters that you can use for English pronunciation practice. These silly sentences mostly use the long oo sound /uː/, although there are also some short oo sound /ʊ/ twisters as well.

The long OO sound appears in words such as zoo, moon, soothe, and kangaroo. The short OO sound can be found in words like food, good, cook, hook, and wood. Both these OO sounds can be called digraphs because they involve the combination of two vowels to create a sound.

Now, let’s start with the long OO tongue twisters –


1 – Choose two blue moon boots for you.

2 – A kooky moo in a gloomy zoo.

3 – Zoom to the moon with a boom.

4 – The noodle spoon in the room is maroon.

5 – Don’t spook drooling poodles or snoozing raccoons.

6 – She doodled a baboon and moose tattoo.

7 – Bamboo bedrooms on a lagoon in a monsoon.

8 – The balloon on the roof is proof that a buffoon in the platoon is foolish.
9 – I’ll harpoon wahoo all I want to, you can harpoon too. If we harpoon all the wahoo, we can be harpoon tycoons, and get home by two.

10 – A kangaroo with a loose tooth inside a bootleg saloon.

11 – A cartoon cuckoo swooping a roost at noon.

12 – The moonlit school hooligan is crooning at the boondocks.

13 – Soon the groom will brood in a cruelly cool mood.

14 – A troop of emus scooped roots at noon.

15 – A wooden broom for food is rude.

16 – Doing voodoo in a mushroom-shaped igloo will give you a hoodoo.

17 – The mongoose on the Cuban restroom stool is doomed.

Next, we have some short OO sound tongue twisters – 

18 – A cookbook on a hook is a hooked cooking book.

19 – He looked at the cookie with his foot at the door.

20 – He stood with a good woolen hood and shook the soot off the wood.

21 – The rookie by the brook found a crook in a bush.

22 – Should a good butcher cook a full chook?

23 – How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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