25 discussion questions about birds

25 interesting discussion questions about birds

Discussion questions about birds

Here are some conversation questions about our feathered friends that are suitable for most pre-intermediate ESL learners. This is a topic that you can use for any nature-related classes. There are also some cool birds vocabulary worksheets that serve as a good warmer or cooler for this activity.

For teaching and learning about different bird species, you will want to have a look at the 64 free birds flashcards that have photographs and bird names.

The most difficult words in this speaking activity include -afraid, national, dangerous, wild, protected, intelligent, superstition, migrate, and reliably.

The discussion questions about birds are –

What do you think is the most beautiful bird in the world? Where does it live?

Are there any birds that you don’t like or are afraid of?

What is the national bird of your country? Do you see them often?

What kinds of birds live in your local area? Where do they build their nests?

If you were a bird, which country would you want to live in?

Do people in your home country eat birds? What birds do they eat?

Have you ever found a bird’s nest? What did you do with it?

Have you ever had a pet bird? What kinds of birds make good pets?

Do you think birds should be kept in cages? Why or why not?

How would you take care of a pet bird? What would you feed it?

What do you think of bird watching? Would you like to try this hobby?

Are there any dangerous birds in your country? How are they dangerous?

How many kinds of large birds do you know of? What do they eat?

What is the biggest bird you have ever seen in the wild? How big was it?

What birds do you know of that cannot fly?

Are there many birds in your country? Are any birds protected by the law?

Do you think some birds are intelligent? Which ones are the smartest?

Have you ever found a beautiful feather and taken it home? What did you use it for?

Are there any superstitions about birds in your country? What are they?

Have you ever eaten an ostrich egg? Would you like to try one?

What kinds of birds live near the ocean? What birds live in cities?

Why do some species of birds migrate during the year?

How do you think pigeons are able to find their way home so reliably?

What is one kind of bird that you hope to see face to face one day?

birds flying over a beach
Fun bird Idioms

Once you have completed the discussion questions about birds with your class, introduce them to these fun bird idioms.

An early bird is a person who likes to get up early in the morning. The opposite is a night owl, a person who likes to stay up late at night.

A person who is eagle-eyed can see very well with their eyes.

To get a bird’s eye view of something means to get a good look at it. This can mean a physical view such as an overhead one like a bird soaring above, or view of all the circumstances in a situation in your mind.

A person who is not intelligent or who does stupid things can be described as bird-brained.

bird catching fish
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