25 television conversation questions

25 interesting television conversation questions

Television conversation questions

Here is a worksheet with over 25 discussion questions about television. This is a simple topic that all ages can relate to and talk about.

There are some difficult words in this activity that you may need to go over before starting the discussion. These terms include – channel, subscription, make (noun), model, remote control, foreign, located, antenna, satellite dish, reality TV, violence, commercials, advertising, devices, connected, and can’t stand (dislike).

The television conversation questions are –

How much time do you spend watching television each day?

What 3 channels do you watch the most? Which is your favorite?

Do you pay extra for any channels or TV subscriptions? How much do you pay?

How many television stations do you have to choose from?

What make and model is your television? What size is the screen?

Do you ever watch television when you eat meals or do housework?

Would you like to buy a new television? What kind of TV would you like to buy?

Who usually holds the remote control in your family?

Do you ever watch any foreign TV shows or channels? What do you watch?

How many televisions are there in your home? Where are they located?

Does your home have a TV antenna or a satellite dish? Where is it?

Are there any TV series that you like to watch each week? What genre are they?

How do you feel about reality TV? What reality shows are in your country?

Would you like to go on a television game show? Which one?

What kinds of shows do your mother and father like to watch?

Are there any good educational TV shows in your country? Who watches them?

How many hours a day do you think is too much television for children?

Do you think there is too much violence on television?

How do you think televisions will change in the future?

Does your family ever watch TV together? What do you often watch together?

Are there a lot of commercials and advertising on TV in your country?

What other devices is your television connected to?

Are there any shows on TV that you can’t stand to watch?

Do you ever like to spend a whole day inside watching television?

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an old retro television
Television idioms and expressions

Here are some interesting terms to teach your class after the discussion.

Some people refer to the television simply as the telly, the tube, or as the idiot box.

If you binge-watch, you sit and watch television for along time. This is usually done watching a series or a collection of movies.

A person who sits around watching television all day on the sofa can be called a couch potato.

If a person really enjoys a tv show or movie and takes no notice of what is happening around them, you can say they are glued to the screen.

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