25 elephants conversation questions

25 Mighty elephants conversation questions

Elephants conversation questions

Elephants are giant regal creatures that are highly intelligent. Sadly their numbers are dwindling in this modern age due to poaching and habitat loss.

They are fascinating beasts that are well worth having an interesting chat about. These elephants conversation questions will appeal to anyone with even a mild interest in nature, animals, or conservation.

The most challenging terms in this speaking exercise for ESL learners include – endangered, vulnerable, challenges, ivory, national park, run out of, roam, extinct, behavior, population, myth, cultural beliefs, and statue.


The elephants discussion questions are –


What do you think about elephants? What 5 words would you use to describe them?

In which countries do elephants live? Which country do you think has the most?

How many wild elephants do you think are alive in the world today?

What are the reasons why elephants have become endangered and vulnerable?

Have you ever seen an elephant in real life? Where did you see it? What was it doing?

What do you think would be some challenges of having a pet elephant?

Would you ever buy ivory products? What would you do if you saw some for sale?

What things would a national park need to have for elephants to live there happily?

How do you feel about elephants being taught tricks and giving rides to tourists?

If you were an elephant, what things would you want? Where would you like to live?

How much do you think an elephant can weigh? What age can they live to?

Do you believe that there will still be elephants in 100 years or will they be extinct?

What kinds of things can happen when elephants run out of land to roam free in?

How do you think that elephants in Africa and Asia live differently from each other?

When did you last hear about elephants in the news? What was the story about?

What things do you find fascinating about an elephant’s body and behavior?

How do you think elephants talk to each other? What might they talk about?

What would you do if you were hiking in a jungle and came across an angry elephant?

In what ways have elephants been used to help humans in the past?

What things can people do to protect elephants and help their populations grow?

Do you know of any myths, legends, or cultural beliefs that are about elephants?

Have you ever owned an elephant statue or toy? Where did you get it from?

If a person was said to be like an elephant, what personality would they have?

What other wild animals do elephants come across in their day-to-day lives?

an elephant spraying water

Notes on the elephants conversation questions

This discussion activity has some questions that ask speakers to guess about elephant statistics and facts. This is just for fun to see how close to the actual answers they can get, responses are not expected to be correct!

Here are the elephant facts –

Elephants live in many countries across Africa and Asia. Estimates in 2023 put the numbers of wild elephants at 415, 000 in Africa and 40-50 000 in Asia. Botswana is thought to be the country with the most elephants with an estimated of population 13 000 animals.

African elephants can weigh up to 7 tons and live for 70 years. The smaller Asian elephant can weigh 5.5 tons and has a natural lifespan of around 60 years.

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