printable land air and water transport pictures

42 free printable land air and water transport pictures

Printable land air and water transport pictures

These cards are a fantastic resource to help children learn about vehicles. All you need to do is simply download and print the PDF pages out, cut out the cards and you are good to go!

The pages feature a whopping 42 different modes of transport in photographs with their names. They can be used in any flashcard games or activities. There are also some suggested ideas on how you can use the printable land air and water transport pictures below.

The cards were made with kids learning in mind but they can also be used for fun activities with older ESL students who are studying methods of transportation. Bear in mind that if you want these cards to last a long time, it is well worth getting laminated so they will protected from folding and marks.

The vehicles included in the full set of cards are – plane, car, motorcycle, sailboat, hot-air balloon, bicycle, van, train, helicopter, submarine, bus, tractor, cruise ship, ambulance, fire engine, bulldozer, raft, skateboard, hang glider, motorboat, space shuttle, scooter, airship, go kart, cargo ship, cable car, dirt bike, rowboat, sledge, sailboard, hovercraft, snowboard, fishing trawler, truck, parachute, quad bike, canoe 4 wheel drive, snowmobile, tank, fighter jet, and wagon.

How to use the printable land air and water transport pictures

Here are some ideas on how to use these cards that you may not yet of thought of. Remember that you can make these activities easier or more difficult by only printing some of the cards or the full set.

  • You can cut the names off the bottom of the cards to make it a picture and word matching activity. This is always a great small team or pair work exercise that can be made into a race.
  • Use the cards as a ranking activity. You can ask your students to arrange them from fastest to slowest, biggest to smallest, cheapest to most expensive and so on.
  • Print out several sets of the same cards and use them to play card games such as snap and go fish.
  • Use the cards as a sorting activity. Students can arrange the cards into groups of land air and sea transport.
  • Make a speaking game like taboo where students randomly choose a card and then describe it to the class. The first person to guess the transport correctly earns a point. You even use the cards to play a transport-themed version of the who am I game.
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