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9 free printable roads pdf pages

Printable roads PDF pages

Here is a fun activity that you can use for some interesting learning activities. These printable roads PDF pages come in 2 sets – small roads, and bigger roads. There are also some printable vehicles included to use on the roads.

The first printable roads below are quite small, which means you won’t need to use a lot of paper. These pages include straight lengths of road, curves and turns, T-intersections, and roundabouts.

All you need to do is simply download and print the PDF pages, cut them out and you can start creating roads. For longer life of these roads, it is a good idea to have them laminated once you have all the pieces ready. A cheap alternative to this is to cover them with clear sticky tape.

How to use the printable roads PDF pages

Besides just out and out fun, these free printable roads can be used in a multitude of learning activities. Some of the ideas below can even be adapted to teach not just kids but also older students.

  • Build a cityscape. Once you have a set of roads completed, you can add to your map. By drawing and cutting out different landscapes and city objects students can build around the roads. Think of things like trees, mountains, lakes, houses, schools and so on. This is also a great opportunity for kids to learn about prepositions of place and places in a city.
  • Use the roads to teach directions. You can instruct students on how to build the roads or once completed how to travel across them. For both speaking and listening practice, get students to work in pairs instructing and listening to each other.
  • Give students a design to follow. You can give students a road design to follow and see how well they can replicate the instructions. It could be something you just make up or a copy of a real Formula 1 racetrack.

Big printable roads PDF pages

This next set of roads is larger and great for kids’ toy cars such as matchbox cars. It will take a bit more printing and paper to use them as you will need to print multiple copies of the PDFs.

These roads are also great if you just wanted to scale up the size a bit. They are less fiddly at this size and are easier for younger learners to work with. A few vehicles have been included as well, just in case you don’t have any toy cars readily available.

Related activities

If you are teaching about transport and vehicles there are some more free resources here on ESL Vault that you may be interested in.

Firstly, there are the means of transport vocabulary worksheets to help students learn the names of vehicles.

There are also the printable land air and water transport pictures. These can be used to not only teach vocabulary but also can be used in various sorting and ranking games.

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