animals and their homes

42 free animals and their homes pictures

Animals and their homes

Free printable PDF animals and their homes picture cards for preschool, kindergarten and younger ESL learners. There are pictures of domestic animals as well as wild tropical and desert animals.

These picture cards are perfect for teaching students about animals and the names of places where they live. The printables also have sentences to practice reading and sentence formation.

Kids love images like these and they have a ton of uses for educational games that they want to get involved in. Check out the suggestions below for some ideas in your classes.

How to use the animals and their homes PDF picture cards.

Once you have printed and cut out the pictures there are a few different ways that they can be used. The obvious thing to do is to simply match the cards together to make correct sentences. Here are a few other ideas –

  1. Put students into teams with full sets of shuffled cards each and have a race. See which team can match all 42 cards correctly as fast as possible.
  2. Cut the sentences off the cards. You can do this to make the activity harder or for older/more advanced classes. Once this is done you can completely omit the broken sentences and ask students to create their own. You can also give the sentences to the students so that each sentence is a 4 piece puzzle.
  3. Arrange the cards into categories. Get students to sort the picture cards into groups such as – water and land, big and small, fast and slow animals, or plant or meat-eaters. You could even arrange the animals into food chains or rank them from the most comfortable place to sleep to the worst!
  4. Make silly sentences for fun. By matching the picture cards incorrectly students can create ridiculous sentences like – A bear lives in an aquarium, a horse lives in the ocean, or a hippo lives in a web.
  5.  Change the sentences. You can get older students to change the verb lives into a more accurate verb. For example, A spider spins a web, a bear hibernates in a cave, a goldfish swims in an aquarium, or a beaver builds a lodge.
  6. Remove a few cards. If you want to make this activity tricky, take out a few of the animals and their homes pictures so that there are missing pieces. Depending on which ones you remove it may cause a bit of confusion and make it much more difficult. It’s best to let your class know you have done this before they start.

List of animals and their homes

Here is a list of the 21 animals and their homes featured on the PDF picture cards.

A bird lives in a nest.

A duck lives in a pond.

A bee lives in a hive.

a dog lives in a kennel.

A chicken lives in a coop.

A goldfish lives in an aquarium.

A bear lives in a cave.

A beaver lives in a lodge.

A mouse lives in a hole.

A rhino lives in a savannah/savanna.

A camel lives in a desert.

A hippo lives in a river.

A monkey lives in a tree.

A koala lives in a gum tree.

A panda lives in a bamboo forest.

A dolphin lives in the ocean.

A penguin lives in Antarctica.

An ant lives in a hill.

A horse lives in a stable.

A snail lives in a shell.

A spider lives in a web.

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