tattoo conversation questions for ESL

25 tattoo conversation questions

Tattoo conversation questions

An interesting discussion topic for older ESL students although it can still be used for late high school classes. This worksheet is very easy although, there are a few difficult words that you may need to review before having the discussion. These include – frown upon, facial, approve, and traditional.

The tattoo conversation questions are –

Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you like to get one

If you were getting a new tattoo what would it be? Where would you get it?

Are tattoos frowned upon in your home country? Why or why not?

Where do you think the most painful place on your body to get a tattoo is?

Do you know anyone with a really bad tattoo? What is it?

Would you ever get a tattoo of your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name?

What kind of people do you think get tattoos?

Does anyone in your family have tattoos? What are they of?

How would you feel if your grandmother decided to get a tattoo?

What do you think of facial tattoos?

Are there any dangers in getting a tattoo? What are they?

Which famous people have tattoos that you know of?

What do you think is the worst tattoo you can get?

Do you think it is possible to have too many tattoos?

Would you ever not date someone because of their tattoos?

What cultures do you know of that have traditional tattoos?

Do you think tattoos make people more or less attractive?

What would you do if you got a tattoo with a spelling mistake?

Would you like a tattoo in a foreign language? Which one?

Which country or culture do you think has the coolest tattoos?

What do you think is the most common tattoo people get worldwide?

Would your parents approve of you getting tattoos?

Are tattoos expensive in your country? How much does one cost?

Do you think it is important for a tattoo to have meaning?

a woman with tattoos on her back doing yoga
Further activity

A good follow-up activity is to get your students to design their own tattoo. Give the class some blank paper and let them draw their own. It is best to set a 5 or 10 minute time limit on this. Once they are done they can describe their art to a partner or the whole class.

To make this even more interesting you can tell the class that the tattoo they are designing is for somebody else in the class, a famous person, or even the teacher!

A tattoo artist working on an arm
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