25 secrets conversation questions

25 Secrets conversation questions

Secrets conversation questions

Secrets are things that we don’t want other people to know about for one reason or another. They can be small and trivial,  important, and in some cases outright dangerous. They make for a fun discussion topic for teenagers and adults. These secrets conversation questions will help your class and friends talk about them without having to give their secrets away!

The most difficult vocabulary in this speaking exercise includes – diary, culture, secretive, privacy, right to (something), secret society, commit (a crime), worse-kept (secret), secret agent, recipe, passage, and require.


The secrets conversation questions are –


Who would you trust the most to keep something a secret? Why this person?

Have you ever had a diary? What did you write in it? Where did you keep it?

What kinds of things do most people in your culture like to keep secret?

Have you ever kept a secret from your family? Why didn’t you want them to know?

Who is the most secretive person that you know? Why are they so secretive?

Do you think that having secrets is part of your right to privacy? Why or why not?

Would you like to have a secret room in your house? What would you put in it?

Do you believe in, or have you heard of any secret societies? What are they about?

When was the last time somebody told you a secret? Did you tell anyone about it?

Do you think it will be easier or more difficult for people to keep secrets in the future?

What would you say is the worst-kept secret in your hometown? In your country?

How would you try to get a secret message to somebody in another city or country?

If your best friend committed a crime, would you keep it a secret from the police?

Who is someone that you would never trust with an important secret? Why not?

Would you like to be a secret agent like a spy? What would this lifestyle be like?

Why do you think that some food and drink companies keep their recipes secret?

What kinds of secrets do you think are, or would be the most difficult to keep?

How would our lives be different if nobody had any secrets at all? Would it be better?

What would you do if you found a secret passage underneath your house?

Have you ever secretly bought or sold something? Why didn’t you tell people about it?

Where is a good place to hide money in your home? Have you done this before?

Can you think of 5 jobs that require people to keep secrets? Are they all good jobs?

Do you have any secret places that you like to visit? Have you had any in the past?

Would you prefer to know all your friends’ secrets or to not know any at all? Why?

a secret message in a bottle

Idioms related to secrets

Here are some related idioms that you can discuss after completing the secrets conversation questions.

If you carry or take something to your grave, you keep it a secret until the day you die.

To be or keep mum about something is to be quiet about it and not tell others.

To do something on the sly is to do it in secret without others knowing.

If you spill the beans or let the cat out of the bag, you let someone know about something that you were keeping a secret.

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