25 conversation questions about asia

25 Conversation questions about Asia

Conversation questions about Asia

Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet. It is a huge cultural sphere and no small amount of questions can really cover this huge area of the planet.

These simple questions about Asia are intended to get the conversation started and hopefully, you can expand on the discussion yourself. Asia is an amazing place….ask and see what other folks feel about it


The conversation questions about Asia are –


1 – Close your eyes and imagine you are in Asia. What can you smell, see, and hear?

2 – How many Asian countries can you name in one minute? Which is the largest?

3 – Do you like Asian food? What are your favorite dishes and where do they come from?

4 – Which Asian country do you think has the most interesting culture?

5 – In what ways are Western and Central Asia different from Southeast Asia?

6 – What do you think is the happiest country or culture in Asia? Why is it so happy?

7 – If you could spend a month traveling Asia, what are 5 countries you would go to?

8 – What are some interesting animals that only live in Asia? Which is your favorite?

9 – Which Asian country has best protected its forests, rivers, and wildlife?

10 – Is there a language in Asia that you think sounds very interesting?

11 – What is the most recent piece of news that you heard or read about from Asia?

12 – Which parts of Asia do you think are very poor? Why do you think they are poor?

13 – What is a famous historical event in Asia that you have some knowledge of?

14 – Which Asia country’s art do you like the most? How would you describe this art?

15 – Where is an area in Asia that is dangerous right now? Why is it dangerous?

16 – What are some famous landmarks in Asia? In which countries are they located?

17 – Where in Asia would you go to find perfect beaches or beautiful tall mountains?

18 – Do you ever buy imported fruit or vegetables from Asia? What do you buy and where?

19 – Have you or anyone you know traveled in Asia? What places did you or they go to?

20 – What is a unique holiday or traditional festival that is only celebrated in Asia?

21 – Which country in Asia do you think has the best weather? What temperature is it?

22 – Do you think that in the future some Asian cultures will no longer exist? Why?

23 – If you were going on a shopping holiday in Asia where would you go and why?

24 – How do you think that Asian family units differ from Western family units?

25 – Which place in Asia has the richest history? What makes it so interesting?

a beautiful beach in Asia

Facts about Asia

Here are some interesting facts that you can add to the conversation about Asia.

  • There are some 45 to 53 countries in Asia. The amount is different depending on who creates the list.
  • There are estimated to be over 2300 different languages spoken in Asia.
  • The small landlocked country of Laos is the most heavily bombed place on earth.
  • The lowest point on earth is the Dead Sea which is located in Southwest Asia.
  • It is estimated that 90% of the world’s rice is eaten in Asia.
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