25 time conversation questions

25 time conversation questions

Time conversation questions

Discussion questions on the topic of time for ESL speaking classes. This is an easy speaking topic that can be used with pre-intermediate level learners and above, The most challenging terms in this activity include – punctual, event, waste, patient, daylight savings, time zone, set (alarm), and kill time.


The time conversation questions are –


1 – How would you define time? Do you think that it can change speed?

2 – Do you think you have enough time to do the things you want to?

3 – Are you a punctual person? Are you usually early or late when you meet friends?

4 – Have you ever been very late for an important event? What happened?

5 – How many hours do you spend sleeping each day? Is it enough for you?

6 – How many times a day do you check the time?

7 – Have you ever missed a plane, train, or bus? Why were you late?

8 – Do you think time travel will ever be possible?

9 – Would you prefer to visit the future or the past? What year would you like to go to?

10 – What kinds of things make time feel like it is going slowly?

11 – What do you think has been the best time in your life?

12 – If you had 1 year of free time, what would you do with it?

13 – What kinds of things do you feel are a waste of time? Do you do them?

14 – Are you a patient person? What things do you dislike waiting for?

15 – Does your country have daylight savings or different time zones?

16 – Do you use an alarm clock? What time is it usually set for?

17 – If your friend was having a party at 8 pm, what time would you arrive?

18 – What would happen if you were 1 hour late to school or to work?

19 – How many hours a day do you spend cooking and eating?

20 – What is one change you could make in life to give yourself more time?

21 – If you had an extra 3 hours each day, how would you use them?

22 – How do you kill time when you are waiting for something or on a long journey?

23 – What takes up most of your time? Do you enjoy it?

24 – If you had the power to stop time, what would you do?

25 – What time do you think it is on the other side of the world right now?

time travel illustration
Time idioms and expressions

Here are some interesting idioms about time that you can share with your students once they have completed the time conversation questions.

When someone says it is “time to call it a day“, they are saying it is time to stop working or finish whatever it is you are doing.

If you give someone a hard time, you either tease them for fun or treat them badly.

A person or thing that is living on borrowed time is not expected to live or survive for much longer.

The proverb – a stitch in time saves nine, means that if you do something now you will save time and effort in the future or prevent future problems from happening.

If you have a lot of time for someone, it means that you like them and enjoy their company.

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