beach house finish the drawing activity

11 free finish the drawing activities

Finish the drawing activities

Here are some fun creative worksheets for art classes and general fun. Students are to complete pictures using their own imagination. There are no rules to these finish the drawing worksheets and they can be completed in any fashion you like. Once you have completed one of the drawings you can also go a step further and color it in with pencils, crayons or paints.

The first activity of the beach house above is quite complex although there are easier pictures further down the page.

Some of these are quite hard. If you are looking for much more basic drawing worksheets, then check out the mirror image drawing worksheets. They are much more suitable for younger learners and have grid guides to help.

Beach scene

This is an easy beach scene to complete. What is on the other side of the beach? People playing? More trees? A ship at sea? It is up to you!

Finish the dragonfly picture.

In this picture it is best to try and use symmetry and draw the second half of the dragonfly the same as the first half.

Finish the drawing nature scene

This is another difficult worksheet with a complex nature scene. Do you continue drawing the forest, or is it next to a city?

Fishing scene

This activity can be used for all ages and can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Decide what the fisherman is catching and what lies under the deep blue sea.

Finish the drawing train

Here is half an old steam train to be completed. There is also plenty of space on this worksheet to add extra details in the foreground and background. Where is the train and what is in front of it?

Finish the gnome

Here we have the a gnome’s head and feet but nothing in between. Decide what its body looks like and what it is wearing.

Island castle

This is the most difficult finish the drawing worksheet. There are a lot of details to be added both on the castle and in the scenery around it.

Lotus flower

A simple lotus flower picture to finish. Once completed color it in with some bright pinks, yellows, and greens.

Pirate on a ship.

Here you must draw the second half of a pirate ship at sea. This one can be quite easy, it depends what you decide to draw on the ship.

Dragon finish the picture

This one is quite hard. It is best to sketch the general shape of the dragon’s body before adding in the fine details of the scales. You could of course give it the body of a completely different animal altogether.

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