25 smoking conversation questions

25 smoking conversation questions

Smoking conversation questions

It is well-known that smoking is terrible for your health although many people continue to do it. It makes for an interesting discussion topic for all nationalities.

These smoking conversation questions are suitable for adults that are at least intermediate-level ESL speakers. The most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – affect, benefits, packet, vaping, prohibited, smoking lounge, associated, herbal, nicotine, image and perception.


The smoking conversation questions are –


How do you feel about smoking? Have you ever tried it?

In what ways does smoking affect a person’s health? Are there any benefits at all?

How much does a packet of cigarettes cost in your country? Are they cheap?

Have you or anyone that you know ever tried to quit smoking? What happened?

What are your thoughts about vaping? Do you think it is healthier than cigarettes?

Is it legal to grow tobacco in your country? Where is it grown?

What are some laws about smoking in your country? Where can’t people smoke?

Do you think that all smoking should be prohibited? Why or why not?

What is the best way to teach young people about the dangers of smoking?

What do you think are some reasons why people begin to start smoking?

Have you ever been inside a smoking lounge at an airport? What was it like?

What would you do if somebody sat next to you and started smoking in a park?

Does anybody in your family smoke? How do you feel about this?

What other habits are often associated with smoking? Why do you think this is so?

Would you ever consider dating a person that smoked? Why or why not?

Is it common for women to smoke in your culture? Do many men smoke?

What do you think about people smoking near babies and young children?

Have you ever told somebody to stop smoking? What did you say to them?

What is the legal age that a person can buy cigarettes where you live?

If you wanted to quit smoking, what would be the best way to go about it?

What kinds of equipment do smokers use to smoke tobacco?

What do you think about herbal cigarettes that do not contain nicotine?

How do you think that the image or perception of smoking has changed over time?

What do you think is worse for your health, smoking or living in a very polluted city?

a cloud of smoke from a cigarette

Smoking idioms

Once you have completed the smoking conversation questions, try introducing these interesting expressions to your students and see if they can create sentences with them.

To chain smoke or be a chain smoker is to smoke very heavily having another cigarette shortly after just finishing one.

A person who smokes like a chimney smokes a lot.

If somebody quits smoking suddenly and completely we can say they have gone cold turkey.

When somebody says they are going to the big smoke, they mean they are going to a big city.

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