25 adventure conversation questions

25 stimulating adventure conversation questions

Adventure conversation questions

Most people love to watch adventure movies and read adventure stories. Find out how adventurous your students are with these 25 adventure conversation questions. What things do they think are exciting and dangerous, and what are they willing to do?

The most difficult words in this speaking exercise include – canoeing, kayaking, rafting, ascend, cave, explore, fear, survive, desert island, afraid, involve, and time travel.

The adventure conversation questions are –


Have you ever been canoeing, kayaking, or rafting? Where did you do it?

Would you say that you are an adventurous person? Why do you think so?

What’s the highest mountain that you have ascended? How did you get to the top?

If you have an adventure anywhere in the world, where would you go? To do what?

What is the most dangerous adventure you can think of? Would you do it?

How do you feel about caves? Have you ever explored one? What was it like?

What kinds of adventures do people in your home country like to go on?

Do you think it is possible to have adventures in cities? What kinds of adventures?

What is the best adventure you have ever had? Who were you with?

Do you like reading about adventure? How about watching adventure movies?

Would you prefer an adventure by car, motorbike, boat, horse, or on foot?

Has the weather ever made your day an adventure? What happened on this day?

Do you have any plans for an adventure in the coming months? What is it?

Do you enjoy the feeling of fear? Do adventures need to have danger to be fun?

Who is a famous adventurer or explorer from your country? What have they done?

Do you think you could survive on a desert island or if you got lost in the jungle?

Would you like to go somewhere nobody has ever been, or to a popular destination?

What is something that you are too afraid to try? Why does it scare you?

When you travel do you like to have an itinerary or make it up as you go?

What are five things would you take to go camping on a beach?

How many countries do you think you will visit in your lifetime? Which ones?

Where is a place that you will never want to go to? Why don’t you want to go there?

Can you think of any jobs that involve a lot of adventure? Would you do these jobs?
If you could time travel for an adventure, when and where would you choose?

hikers going on an adventure

Follow-up activities

Once you have completed discussing the adventure conversation questions, a good follow-up activity is to write an adventure story.

In the writing section of ESL vault you will find writing and pictures prompts that you can download and give to your students to help get them started. Some of the topics of the writing prompts include – a desert island, space, and fantasy.

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