25 transport conversation questions

25 transport conversation questions

Transport conversation questions

Transport and vehicle questions along with a picture description activity. This worksheet is useful for IELTS preparation and discussion classes.

For some related activities try these transportation vocabulary matching worksheets and the transport crossword printable.

Difficult terms and phrases on this handout include – dangerous, ridden, accident, petrol, gasoline, tram, ferry, and distance.


The transport questions are –


1 – Is there a bus stop near your home? Where do the buses go?

2 – Do you own a bicycle? Where do you ride it?

3 – How many different kinds of transportation have you been on?

4 – What do you think is the most dangerous form of transportation? Why?

5 – Have you ever missed a bus or a flight? What happened?

6 – Can you ride a motorcycle?

7 – What kind of public transportation is there where you live? Do you use it?

8 – What is your favorite kind of transportation?

9 – Which transportation do you prefer –  air, sea, or road?

10 – What is your favorite kind of car?

11 – Are cars expensive in your country?

12 – Have you ever ridden a horse?

13 – Have you ever been in a traffic accident?

14 – Do you use a smartphone app to call a taxi, such as Uber?

15 – How many plane flights have you been on?

16 – Are there speed limits in your country? What are they?

17 – How much does petrol/gasoline cost in your country?

18 –What do you usually do when riding a train or a bus?

19 – Have you ever been on a tram or ferry?

20 – What water transport have you used?

21 – Are there traffic jams where you live?

22 – Have you ever been stopped by traffic police? Why were you stopped?

23 – How do you travel to work or school each day?

24 – What is the longest distance you have ever traveled?

25 – How do you feel about electrical vehicles? Are they better for the environment?

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