boba coloring pages

17 Free Boba coloring pages (PDF)

Boba coloring pages

Boba has become insanely popular since arriving in Western countries. Kids, teenagers, and even adults have embraced this unique drink with fervor. These Boba coloring pages will interest anyone who has an interest in the popular drink.

Boba also known as Boba tea or bubble tea is actually the name of the squishy round balls inside the drinks but is commonly used to describe the whole beverage. These round balls or pearls of tapioca are made from cassava and sweetened with sugar syrup.

The refreshment originated in Taiwan and comes in many different forms. It can be made with milk (Boba milk tea), and even crushed ice to make freezing-cold slushy drinks.

What makes Boba a wonderful coloring subject is its array of colors that are highly visible in the transparent cups it comes in. It can be any color under the sun with different colored squishy balls, layers, and toppings.

You can create amazingly vibrant pictures with these Boba coloring sheets that will actually be realistic. This is because chances are that somebody is drinking that exact rainbow-esque drink somewhere in the world at this very moment!

The first 4 free printables, above and below, feature cute, kawaii, Boba drinks in the sky. There is a lot going on in these pictures with fruits, balls, stars, and clouds that are just asking for you to add a kaleidoscope of color.

Below we have two love-themed Boba tea drinks with hearts. The first cup has a happy, smiling face and appears to be saying the word love. The second cup is full to the brim with heart-shaped Boba that are shouting out affectionate words.

Next, we have a couple of free PDFs with interesting creatures on them. On the left, two bubble tea drinks have some cute monster Boba inside them with a smiling box of french fries to keep them company.

On the right is a picture with nice rounded shapes. Beside the Boba refreshment are 2 topping or ice cream critters surrounded by cloud puffs of cream.

Animal Boba coloring pages

This next section of Boba coloring sheets has lots of funny animals. these are great for kids and you will also find a few very easy pictures for the smallest of want-to-be artists.

The first two PDFs below are rabbit-themed. The first page has a cup with a winking rabbit’s head top. Around the container are some simple yet cute objects. Drawing 2 has a cheerful rabbit that is holding a drink and guzzling it through a straw.

Next, below left, is a drink with 6 cat heads as a topping that are stacked in the shape of ice cream. This is a good one for younger kitten lovers. On the right is a drawing with 4 different Boba cups that have animal-themed lids. There is a cat, a rabbit, a panda, and a dog all covering the delightful chewy liquids underneath them.

The last of the boba coloring activities are the easiest of them all. These basic designs are suitable for little kids. There is a panda drinking Boba with a straw. It will need dark patches colored around its eyes, ears, and arms.

On the second sheet, there is a tiny content koala holding a cup twice its size. The last page has a grinning rabbit drink with large bucked teeth and floppy ears.

Boba coloring pages for adults

Finally, we have a couple of difficult pictures that are best suited to adults and teens. The first picture has a Boba drink and hamburger set against a city skyline.

The last drawing is an extremely complex one of many bubble tea drinks in a shop. There are so many tiny details on this page that it takes quite a bit of time to fully complete.

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