25 robots conversation questions

25 robots conversation questions

Robots conversation questions

Here are some conversation questions about robots. These machines are cute to some people yet scary to others. They are becoming increasingly important in the modern world and are used for countless tasks and activities.

This is a fairly advanced discussion topic with the most difficult terms being – routine, industry, military, guard, protect, personal, and rights.

The robots conversation questions are –

What do you think about robots? In what ways do they help people?

If you could have a robot do any one task in your daily routine, what would it be?

Are there any robots in your home? What things do they do?

What kind of industries use a lot of robots? What are their jobs?

Have you ever owned a toy robot? In what ways did it move?

What kinds of robots are used in space? What are they used for?

Which countries do you think make the best robots? Why do you think so?

What do you think about militaries using killer robots? Should it be allowed?

What do you think about people marrying robots? Would you ever consider it?

Would you like to see more robots in sports? What sports could they do or play?

Do you like any movies with robots? What do the robots do in the films you like?

In what kinds of jobs have people been replaced by robots?

If you could make any part of your body robotic, what would it be and why?

Do you think that one day robots will become too intelligent? What could happen?

Would you like to have a pet robot? What would you want it to look like?

Do you have any fears about robots and the future? What things worry you the most?

What is something that humans can do but robots will never be able to do?

Would you like to have a robot guard? How could you trust it to protect you?

What would you say are the differences between computers and robots?

How would you feel about having a robot as your personal doctor?

In what ways could robots be used to help animals and the natural environment?

How could you tell if you were speaking to a robot or a person in an online chat?

Do you think that robots will have rights in the future? Do you agree with this?

What is the biggest robot that you have ever seen? Where did you see it?


robot hand and human hand

Interesting facts and further robots conversation questions

Here are some fun robots facts with further discussion questions that you may like to use as a further activity or as a homework assignment.

In Japan, a robot named Tomotan was invented. This robot is worn on the body and feeds tomatoes to a person as they run. How useful do you think this robot is? What would be another food that it could feed runners?

Robots are now being developed to take care of and keep elderly people company. Do you think is a good or bad idea? Would you like a robot to look after your grandparents?

A robot was created to hitchhike the world and rely on people being kind to it. It was eventually found in Philidelphia USA with its arms and head ripped off. Why do you think somebody would do this?

man using a robot in construction
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