25 Conversation questions about waterfalls

25 Conversation questions about waterfalls

Conversation questions about waterfalls

Waterfalls are simply places where water coming from a river or stream falls downwards. They are beautiful mesmerising places that can be either loud and thunderous or tranquil and calming.

These wonders of nature make for a good conversation and you can use these questions about waterfalls to get the conversation flowing!

This is a fairly easy speaking activity For ESL learners that will suit pre-intermediate level learners and above. The most difficult terms include – located, raging, accident, dangerous, unknown, and cultural significance.


The conversation questions about waterfalls are –


1 – What is a waterfall? How big does one have to be to be called a waterfall?

2 – When was the last time that you visited a waterfall? What did you do there?

3 – What is the most famous waterfall in your country? Where is it located?

4 – How many different waterfalls can you name in 30 seconds? Where are they located?

5 – What is the largest waterfall that you have ever seen? How high is it?

6 – How do waterfalls change in different seasons? Which season is best to visit them?

7 – What are some famous waterfalls that you know of? What countries are they in?

8 – How many waterfalls do you think there are in your country?

9 – If you were going to a waterfall tomorrow, what things would you take with you?

10 – Which waterfall in the world would you most like to visit? What is special about it?

11 – Describe the greatest day that you ever had at a waterfall. Who did you there with?

12 – What is the closest waterfall to your home? How long does it take to get there?

13 – Do you prefer waterfalls with lots of raging water or smaller quiet ones? Why?

14 – How would you describe the sounds of a big waterfall and those of a small waterfall?

15 – Have you ever heard of a waterfall with a funny name? What was it called?

16 – Do people have to pay to visit waterfalls in your country? How much do they cost?

17 – How can waterfalls be dangerous? What kinds of accidents can happen at them?

18 – If you found an unknown waterfall and were asked to name it, what would you call it?

19 – Are there any waterfalls in your country that have special cultural significance?

20 – Do you enjoy hiking to waterfalls? What is the furthest you have ever walked to one?

21 – Would you like to climb up a waterfall one day? How could you do this safely?

22 – Have you seen any animals at a waterfall? What were they and what was the biggest?

23 – How do you feel when you are at a waterfall? Are you usually excited or relaxed?

24 – Have you ever been to a waterfall that was too cold to swim in? What was it called?

25 – Do you have any plans to visit a waterfall in the near future? Where is it?

A waterfall in Brazil
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