beach conversation questions

50 beach conversation questions

Beach conversation questions

Beaches are splendid places that can be great for both relaxation and activities. There are a lot of things to see and do at beaches which makes them a good topic for discussion. Here are 50 beach conversation questions for ESL speaking activities and general English discussion.

Some keywords to pre-teach students include – sunburn, distance, towel, wave, and surfboard. Try to elicit as much information as possible when doing the picture description.

It would also be useful to bring along or project more beach pictures and photographs for the students. Check out the ocean vocabulary sheets and the ocean conversation questions to accompany this activity.


The questions about the beach are –


1 – When did you last go to the beach?

2 – How far is the beach from your home?

3 – Can you swim? How far can you swim?

4 – What do you wear at the beach?

5 – What animals can you see at the beach?

6 – What activities do enjoy doing at the seaside?

7 – Have you ever been sunburnt? How long were you in the sun?

8 – Are the beaches in your country clean? Do people clean them?

9 – What is the best beach in your country?

10 – Does your country have lifeguards at the beach?

11 – What things are dangerous at the beach?

12 – Have you ever swum with big waves? How did you feel?

13 – Have you ever been on a boat in the ocean? Did you get seasick?

14 – What beach or water sports do you know of? Which ones have you tried?

15 – Do you like quiet beaches or busy ones?

16 – Have you ever found anything interesting at the beach?

17 – What is the best food to eat at the beach?

18 – What do you usually take when you go to the beach?

19 – What is different about swimming in a pool and at a beach?

20 – What is the best time of day to visit the beach?

21 – Have you ever lost something at the beach? What was it?

22 – What kinds of things do people often lose at the beach?

23 – Describe the last time you went to the beach. What was it like?

24 – Have you ever eaten fresh seafood at the beach? What did you eat?

25 – Have you tried fishing at the beach? Did you catch anything?

Beach conversation questions 2

Here is a second set of beach conversation questions. The difficult terms in this discussion include – distance, collect, private, sunburnt, wash up, annoy, sandy, rocky, rent, metal detector,  and erosion.

26 – What country do you think has the best beaches in the world?

27 – Do you like walking on the beach? What is a good distance to walk?

28 – What things can you buy at beaches in your country?

29 – Have you ever collected seashells? What did you do with them after?

30 – What do you think of private beaches? Are there any in your country?

31 – How do you protect yourself from getting sunburnt at the beach?

32 – What kinds of things wash up on beaches after big storms?

33 – Have you ever made a sandcastle? What did you use to make it?

34 – What is something that you would never wear on the beach?

35 – Are there any things that people do on beaches that annoy you?

36 – Do you have a favorite towel? What design is on it?

37 – Have you ever seen a jellyfish at the beach? What did you do when you saw it?

38 – What kinds of things can you rent at beaches?

39 – Are the beaches in your country white and sandy, a different color, or rocky?

40 – What are some tips to stay safe at the beach?

41 – What things could you find with a metal detector on sandy beaches?

42 – Are there any times of the year when beaches become very crowded? When?

43 – What would be some good and bad things about living next to a beach?

44 – Is it safe to leave your money and phone on the beach when you swim?

45 – Are there any problems with beach erosion in your country?

46 – What is something people do at the beach that you would like to try?

47 – What sounds can you hear at the beach? How do they make you feel?

48 – Have you ever been to a beach in winter? Did you go in the water?

49 – What is the longest beach that you know of?

50 – Have you ever been to a beach that you disliked? What didn’t you like about it?

a beach at sunset

Further activity

A good warmer or cooler activity for the questions about the beach is to get students to write a list of things they see and find there. This can be done as a brainstorming activity, or a group competition to see who comes up with the most ideas within a set time limit.

There is a useful list of things at the beach to help with this. Another way you can do this is to ask students to think of something at the beach that starts with each letter of the alphabet. For example, A for Albatross, B for beach ball, and so on.

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