25 conversation questions about boredom

25 Conversation questions about boredom

Conversation questions about boredom


Here is a simple list and free PDF of discussion questions about boredom. You can use this for ESL speaking activities and general English conversation with friends and colleagues.

For English language learners, the most difficult terms in this exercise include – body language, advice, mentality, affect, reptiles, mammals, dull, manage, and romantic date.


The conversation questions about boredom are –


1 – What kinds of body language do bored people use? What kinds of facial expressions do they make?

2 – How often do you feel bored? What things do you do when you feel bored?

3 – Do you think that bored people can be happy in life? Why so or why not?

4 – What kind of advice would you give to a person who was feeling a lot of boredom?

5 – How easy is it for you to change your mentality when you feel boredom setting in?

6 – What are some healthy things that people can do when they feel bored?

7 – Do you ever feel bored with the food that you eat? How could you change it?

8 – What kinds of sports and activities do you find boring? Why do you think this is?

9 – How do you think that you could change your life so that you never feel bored?

10 – What is the most boring movie that you have ever seen? What was it about?

11 – Do you think that boredom can be a good thing? How could it be good for people?

12 – Do you usually feel bored when you are alone or with other people? Why is this?

13 – Do you watch television when you feel bored? What kinds of shows do you watch?

14 – What kinds of personality traits do you find boring? What kinds are interesting?

15 – Does the weather affect your boredom? Which season makes you feel the best?

16 – Who’s the most boring person that you know? Why do you think that they are boring?

17 – What do you think are three kinds of jobs or work that would be very boring to do?

18 – Does your job or study ever make you feel bored? How can you change this?

19 – Do you think that reptiles can feel bored? How about mammals like dogs and cats?

20 – Have you ever tried to read a very dull book? Did you manage to finish it?

21 – Do you feel like you could go out on an adventure today? What could you do?

22 – If you had small children who were bored, what would you suggest that they do?

23 – Have you ever been on a boring romantic date? What happened and where was it?

24 – What do you think is the most boring subject of conversation and why?

25 – What are five words that you would use to describe the feeling of boredom?

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