25 appearance conversation questions

25 appearance conversation questions

Appearance conversation questions

How people look can at times be important. Like it or not a book is often judged by its cover, especially in situations that involve work and romance. These appearance conversation questions will tell you a lot about how people feel about appearance and the way they see themselves.

This topic is best suited to young and old adults that are around intermediate level ESL speakers and above.

The most difficult words in this discussion activity include – improve, base (verb), products, culture, consider, couple, obesity, and traditional.


The appearance conversation questions are –


1 – What are five words that you associate with the word appearance?

2 – How do you feel about your own appearance? Is there anything you’d like to change?

3 – What are some things that people can do to improve their appearance?

4 – Do you dress and act differently in public compared to at home? In what ways?

5 – How time does it take you to choose what to wear when you go out?

6 – What are some things that you have bought in order to improve your appearance?

7 – Is appearance important to you? Do you judge people based on their appearance?

8 – What would you say is the best part of your appearance? Why do you think so?

9 – When you first meet a person, what do you look at first? Why do you do this?

10 – Do you spend much time and money on your hair? How often do you change it?

11 – How do you think appearance is important for people who are looking for work?

12 – Do you care what your teeth look like? Have you ever paid to make them look good?

13 – How many pairs of shoes do you own? How often do you buy new shoes?

14 – Who would you say has the coolest appearance in your class or workplace?

15 – Do you own any beauty products? How are they used to improve your appearance?

16 – What kinds of things are considered important about appearance in your culture?

17 – Do you know anyone who has a very bad sense of fashion? How do they look?

18 – What do you think about couples and families that have matching clothing?

19 – How do you think that people’s idea of appearance will change in the future?

20 – What is the most common way that men and women like to dress in your hometown?

21 – Have you changed the way you look over the last 10 years? What did you change?

22 – What would you do to your appearance if you were going on a date this evening?

23 – How do you feel about obesity? Do you do exercise just to improve the way you look?

24 – Which country’s people do you think have an interesting traditional appearance?

25 – Do you think that when you are older you will stop caring about your appearance?

a woman with a beautiful appearance

Appearance follow-up activities

Here are some further activities you might like to try once your class has completed the appearance conversation questions.

  1. Describe a person. Ask your class to describe people. This could be classmates, celebrities, or images that you can bring yourself. They should describe things like clothing, hair, skin, facial features, physique, and so on.
  2. Play a game of “who am I?” You can ask your students to describe a classmate or famous person and see if the rest of the class can guess who it is.
  3. As a pair work activity, you can do a speaking, listening, and drawing exercise. One student is to describe a person while the other student tries to draw what they hear.
  4. Create appearance word banks. Ask students to create a list of words about appearance. These can later be arranged into categories such as positive and negative. I like and dislike, adjectives and nouns, or young and old.
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