25 childhood conversation questions

25 wonderful childhood conversation questions

Childhood conversation questions

For many people, childhood was a time of which they have fond memories. Life as children is often easier and less complicated than when we get older. Use the childhood conversation questions to find out what your friends and students think about this period of time in their lives.

This topic and the questions are quite easy and can be used with pre-intermediate level ESL learners. The most difficult terms in this discussion activity include – memory, experience, in contact, accident, and allowance.

The childhood conversation questions are –


Where did you like to play when you were a child? Did you have a favorite park?

Did you have any favorite toys in your childhood? What happened to them?

What is one nice childhood memory that you like to think about?

How do you think your childhood was different from kids growing up these days?

What is something that you wanted your parents to buy for you in your childhood?

Where was your childhood home? Have you ever been back to visit this place?

Are there any kinds of food that you wouldn’t eat as a child that you like now?

At what age could you first read a book? What books did you like to read as a child?

What is one fun thing that you think all children should get to experience?

Are you still in contact with childhood friends? Where did you meet these friends?

Did you have a bicycle in your childhood? Where did you get it and who bought it?

Do you remember having any accidents when you were a child? Did you break a bone?

What was your favorite time of year as a child? Why did you like this particular time?

Did your parents ask you to do housework in your childhood? Did you get paid for it?

At what age did you first go to school? Did you enjoy going to school as a child?

Have your parents kept anything from your childhood? Do they have any old photos?

Did you have any pets in your childhood? What name did you give your first pet?

What age do you think is the end of childhood? Why do you think this is so?

Is there anything about your childhood that you would like to change if you could?

What are some important things that parents should teach kids when they are young?

What did you want to grow up and be when you were a child? Did you try to do this?

Did you have any allowance as a child? What did you so spend this money on?

What kinds of games did you play in your childhood? Where did you play them?

Did you often see your grandparents in your childhood? What did you do with them?

child playing with toy cars on carpet

Idioms and expressions about children

Here are some interesting related idioms that you can use to keep the discussion going once you have completed the childhood conversation questions.

A person who is an adult and has moved back to live with their parents again can be called a boomerang child.

The old proverb of children should be seen and not heard means that children should not speak unless asked to by an adult.

If an unmarried couple have a child it can known as a love child.

A naughty kid who misbehaves and doesn’t listen to his elders can be called a problem child.

If you treat something or someone with kid gloves, you do so very gently and carefully.

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