25 hobbies questions

25 interesting hobbies questions

Hobbies questions

Here is a printable worksheet of hobbies questions for ESL classes and general English speaking activities. It is quite an easy topic and is suitable for most learners.

You can use this worksheet for pair work or just general class discussions. Before starting the activity it is a good idea to get the class to brainstorm a list of hobbies that you can write on the board.

Once you have a list you can ask your students questions about each hobby, such as – What equipment is needed? Where is it done? What actions (verbs) are done in this hobby? What adjectives best describe it? What kind of people enjoy this hobby? And so on.

The most difficult terms in the worksheet above include – main, compared, take up, make a living, collect, collection, strange, and creative.

The hobbies questions are –

What is your main hobby? How often do you get to do this hobby?

Are your hobbies now different compared to 5 years ago? In what ways?

What is something you would like to buy for a hobby? How much would it cost?

What hobbies do you think are expensive? Why are they expensive?

What is a hobby that you would like to take up in the future?

Do you prefer doing exciting hobbies or relaxing hobbies?

Have you ever tried a new hobby but stopped doing it because it was boring?

What kinds of hobbies do your parents have? Do you do any hobbies with them?

How would your hobbies be different if you were rich?

What would you say is your healthiest hobby? How is it good for you?

What equipment do you need for your hobbies?

Do you spend most of your free time indoors or outdoors?

Have you made any new friends while doing one of your hobbies?

What hobbies do you think you will be doing 20 years from now?

What would you need to do to make a living from one of your hobbies?

How are hobbies different between men and women in your country?

What are the most popular hobbies for children where you live?

Do you collect anything? If so, how many do you have in your collection?

Do your friends have any strange hobbies? What are they?

What is a hobby that you would be scared to try? Why does it scare you?

What are some dangerous hobbies? What makes them dangerous?

Are there any hobbies that you feel are a waste of time? What are they?

What is a good hobby for people who are creative and like making things?

What kinds of hobbies would you like your children to do?

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