25 volcano questions worksheet

25 volcano questions worksheet for discussion

25 volcano questions worksheet

Here is another interesting conversation activity on volcanoes, a topic that is not so often discussed. Before starting the volcano questions worksheet with your class you may want to check they understand these terms – compare, erupt, form, extinct, active, dormant, lava, flow, tsunami, bathe, and benefit.

What is the nearest volcano to your home? How far is it?

In what ways are volcanoes dangerous?

Do you know of any supervolcanoes? Where are they?

What countries have a lot of volcanoes?

How are volcanoes formed? Why do they erupt?

What’s the difference between extinct, active and dormant volcanoes?

Do you think volcanoes play a large part in global warming?

Would you ever live near a volcano? How close to one would you live?

What happens when a volcano erupts? What comes out of a volcano?

Do you know the story of Pompeii? What happened there?

What is the last volcanic eruption you can remember hearing about?

Have you ever climbed an extinct volcano? Where was it?

How would you prepare for a volcanic eruption nearby your home?

Do you think volcanoes could be used as an energy source? How?

How can an erupting volcano affect plane flights?

What could you do to stop or slow down a lava flow approaching your house?

How close do you think you could get to lava without burning yourself?

Have you ever made a volcano model or science experiment?

Which do you think is more dangerous, a volcanic eruption or a tsunami?

How can we tell that a volcano may be about to erupt?

Have you ever watched a movie about a volcano? What happened in the film?

How many volcanoes do you think there are in the world?

Have you ever bathed in any hot springs? Were they near a volcano?

Can you think of any ways people benefit from volcanoes?

A volcano in new zealand
Fun volcano facts

Here is some interesting information about volcanoes you can share before or after the discussion activity.

Scientists just don’t know how many potentially active volcanoes there are. A common estimate is that there are around 1500 on the Earth’s surface. There are 169 potentially active volcanoes in the United States of America.

Most active volcanoes are under the ocean where researchers have even less information. The Pacific Ocean alone is said to have more than 10 000 volcanoes.

Some volcanoes that erupt can cause lightning. This has been witnessed at volcanoes in Alaska, The Philippines, Iceland and Italy.

The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia, was said to be heard 3000 miles away. It has been said the sound wave traveled around the Earth 7 times and over 36 000 people perished due to the massive tsunamis and eruption.

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