25 school conversation questions

25 school conversation questions

School conversation questions

25 discussion questions about school for speaking lessons. This is an easy topic for all students to relate to. Note that if you use this worksheet in a working adults class, you will need to change some of the questions to past tense.

Difficult terms to pre-teach for this speaking activity include – canteen, excursion, field trip, punishment, attend, dress code, skip (class), gotten, and modern.

The school conversation questions are –

How do you get to school? How long does it take you to get there?

What are your favourite subjects? Which subjects do you like the least?

What hours do students go to school in your country?

What breaks does your school have? How long are they for?

Do you get report cards? What kind of marks do you usually get?

Does your school have a canteen? What is the food like there?

Who usually makes your school lunch? What food do you often take to school?

Have you ever been on a school excursion or field trip? Where did you go?

If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be?

What kinds of punishment do bad students get at your school?

What do you think makes a good teacher? Describe your favorite teacher.

About how many students attend your local school?

Does your school have a dress code? What can’t you wear to school?

Do students ever cheat on exams at your school? How do they do it?

What sporting activities can you do at your school? Are you good at any?

Is there any bullying or fighting at your school? What kinds of things happen?

Have you ever skipped class or a day at school? Why did you do it?

What are some of the classroom rules at your school?

Do you think that any subjects are a waste of time? Which ones and why?

Have you ever gotten into trouble at school? What did you do wrong?

What kinds of things make your teachers angry?

Do you think you will be friends with some of your classmates forever? Who?

Is your school modern? What kinds of facilities does it have?

What foreign languages can you study at your school?

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School idioms

Once you have completed the school conversation questions with your class, you may want to introduce them to these interesting school idioms.

A person who is old school is old fashioned and or like things from an earlier time in history more than now.

If you school somebody at something you teach them. This is usually used as a slang term if somebody beats another person badly at an activity or shows much more knowledge about something than the other person.

When people talk about the school of hard knocks, they are referring to learning lessons from difficult times in life.

The teacher’s pet is the teacher’s favourite student in a class.

A schoolboy error is a very simple or basic mistake that only a very inexperienced person would make.

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