25 decisions and choices conversation questions

25 decisions and choices conversation questions

Decisions and choices conversation questions

The decisions we make and the choices we decide on can play a huge role in how our lives turn out. It is an interesting topic not only for ESL learners but for general English discussion. Try using these decisions and choices conversation questions to see how well people can make decisions and why they make them.

The most difficult words and terms in this speaking activity are – fork (in the road), fresh, regret, look forward to, life choice, influence, financial, life-changing, risky, direction, and affect.

The decisions and choices conversation questions are –


What decisions have you made today? How will you choose what to eat tonight?

If you came to a fork in the road, would you usually choose to go left or right? Why?

Do you ever have trouble with choices and making decisions? Give some examples.

How do you usually choose what to wear each day? Does it take you a long time?

What is a very difficult decision that you have had to make in your lifetime?

Do you know anybody who is bad at making decisions? Why do they have trouble?

Do you spend time choosing fresh fruit and vegetables that you buy?

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?

Have you ever regretted a choice or decision? What was it and why did you regret it?

When you go to a cinema or get on a bus, where do you usually choose to sit? Why?

What is a decision that you look forward to making in the future?

Would you say that you usually make choices and decisions with your head or heart?

What is a life choice that you are happy you made? Why did you choose this?

Do your friends and family ever influence your choices and decisions? In what way?

Who makes the important financial decisions in your family? Why this person?

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a large menu? Was it hard to choose a meal?

Who is someone that you would talk to if you had to make a life-changing decision?

Have you ever made a risky or dangerous decision? What could have gone wrong?

How do you think that most people choose their jobs and careers in life?

If you were lost in a forest, how would you choose which direction to walk in?

Who chooses what you watch on television in your home? Who chooses your food?

Do you think that happiness and success are choices? Why do you think so?

Do you like it when other people make decisions and choose things for you? Why?

Does money often affect your decisions? when was the last time this happened?

a decision to choose left or right

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