25 chores conversation questions

25 chores conversation questions

Chores conversation questions

Housework and chores are a mundane but essential part of almost everyone’s lives. In most households, everyone has a chore or two to do so this topic is great for a casual discussion. The chores conversation questions are quite easy but you may want to teach these words to beginner ESL learners before starting –

cleaning products, regularly, groceries, dust, bedding, tools, equipment, safety precautions, and typical.

The chores conversation questions are –


Who usually does the most housework in your family? Why does this person do it?

What household chores do you think could be done by robots in the future?

Where do you keep all of your cleaning products? What products do you own?

Have you ever paid somebody to do chores for you? How much did it cost?

What different kinds of chores do people who live on farms have to do?

Do you ever listen to music when you do housework? What kind of music is best?

What is something that you do not wash or clean very regularly? Why is this so?

Do you think that having a shower is a chore? How about shopping for groceries?

How often do you clean the floors of your home? How much time does it take you?

Does a lot of dust come into your home? Where does all the dust come from?

When was the last time that you cleaned your refrigerator? What did you find in it?

Does everyone that you live with help with chores? How do you share housework?

Do you make your bed every morning? How often do you wash your bedding?

Is there a special time of year or season when you do a lot of housework or cleaning?

What is a chore that you really dislike doing? Why don’t you like doing it?

What chores do you do outside? Do you need any tools or equipment to do them?

What is the most difficult thing to clean in your home? How long does it take?

Do you enjoy doing any chores? Which chores do you enjoy and why?

How often do you go grocery shopping? What things do you often need to buy?

What kinds of chores can be dangerous? What safety precautions should you take?

Do people living in cities have more or less chores than people in the countryside?

Did your parents ever ask you to do chores when you were a child? What did you do?

About how much time do you spend doing chores in a typical week?

Would you rather live in a big house and have lots of housework or a small house?

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Related housework and chores idioms

Introduce these related expressions to your class once you have completed the chores conversation questions. See if students can use them correctly and if there are any similar idioms in their native language.

To sweep something under a rug is to hide it from others or keep it secret. This is done because it is worrisome, embarrassing, or might cause trouble.

The expression “If you make your own bed you must lie in it” means that you are responsible for your actions and therefore must suffer any problems that you have caused yourself.

To hang someone out to dry is to leave or abandon them in a bad situation.

If you come clean, you tell the truth and admit something you were hiding or knew about.

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