25 personality conversation questions

25 Personality conversation questions

Personality conversation questions

Personality is a fun speaking topic for teenagers and adults. We all have different characters and temperaments which is what makes us individuals. You can use these personality discussion questions to find out what people think about themselves and the nature of others.

For English language learners, the most difficult terms in this activity include – associate, traits, depending on, generous, financially, avoid, positive, optimistic, attitude, and surrounded.


The personality conversation questions are –


1 – What kinds of words do you associate with the word personality?

2 – How would you describe your own personality? What are your best personality traits?

3 – Is there anything about your personality that you would like to change? Why?

4 – What kinds of people do you usually make friends with? What is your best friend like?

5 – Does your personality change depending on the weather? What weather is best?

6 – Are you a generous person? When was the last time you gave something to a person?

7 – Has your personality changed much as you have gotten older? How has it changed?

8 – What kind of personality traits can help people become financially successful?

9 – Is your personality more similar to your father’s or your mother’s? In what ways?

10- What kinds of things bring you happiness? What are some things you are afraid of?

11- Who is the kindest person that you know? What things do they do to show kindness?

12- How do you think we get our personalities? Are we born with personality traits?

13- What types of people do you usually try to avoid? Why do you stay away from them?

14- If you were to marry someone, what personality would you want them to have?

15- Would you say that you are a creative or artistic person? Why or why not?

16- How would you describe the people in your country to a foreign visitor?

17- Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so, what are their personalities like?

18- Who is the most adventurous person that you know? What things have they done?

19- How do you think that a confident person’s life can be different from a shy person’s?

20- Does your personality change depending on who you are with? Give some examples.

21- What could you do to make yourself have a more positive and optimistic attitude?

22- Do you prefer to be surrounded by lots of people, a few people, or be alone?

23- What kind of personality is best suited to your dream job? Does this describe you?

24- How would you describe the personality of your country’s leader? Do you like it?

25- How many different types of personality traits can you name in 30 seconds?

masks of personality

Further activities

Here are a couple of ideas you can use to follow up on the personality conversation questions.

See if your class or group can come up with one or more personality and character traits for each letter of the alphabet. For example, you might have adventurous for A, Brave for B, Creative for C, and so on. You may struggle to find words for a few letters such as X but don’t worry about that.

Once you have your lists you can create sentences using these adjectives that show their meaning. An example of this might be – “Jenny is so adventurous, she is going skydiving this weekend!”

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