25 fruit conversation questions

25 delicious fruit conversation questions

Fruit conversation questions

There are said to be over 2000 different kinds of fruit on the planet which makes it a great discussion topic. If we break it down into species the number expands massively. For example, there are some 1600 types of bananas so there is plenty to talk about! Try these fruit conversation questions with your friends, family, and students to find out what they think about fruit.

This is a fairly easy discussion activity but there are a few challenging words for ESL learners. These include – pick, fresh, popular, portion, imported, idioms, damaged, natural disaster, scented, climate, and peel.


The fruit conversation questions are –


1 – What are the five most commonly eaten fruits in your country?

2 – What is your favorite fruit? How often do you eat this fruit? Where does it come from?

3 – Have you ever grown your own fruit? Have you ever picked fresh fruit from a tree?

4 – How many kinds of red fruits can you name in thirty seconds? How about green?

5 – Which fruit is the most popular in your country? In what areas is it grown?

6 – If you could start a fruit farm, which fruit would you most like to grow?

7 – Do you think that a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? What makes a fruit a fruit?

8 – Are there any kinds of fruit that you dislike? Why don’t you like these fruits?

9 – How many portions of fruit do you eat each day or week? Do you think it is enough?

10 – Do you like drinks made from fruit? Do you know how to make them yourself?

11 – Do you ever eat imported fruits? Which countries do they come from?

12 – What are some animals that you can think of that don’t eat fruit? Do dogs eat fruit?

13 – Where do you usually shop for fruit? How do you choose to buy different fruits?

14 – Which fruits are very expensive where you live? Which fruits are cheap to buy?

15 – What are some common fruit idioms and expressions in your native language?

16 – Do fruits in your country ever get damaged by natural disasters? What happens?

17 – What is a strange or unusual fruit that you have never tried? Where is it from?

18 – Which fruit do you think is the most beautiful? Are there any ugly fruits?

19 – What happens to fruit if you leave it out or in the sun for a long time?

20 – Have you ever made a fruit salad? Which fruits go best together in a fruit salad?

21 – Which fruit do you think has the nicest smell? Do you like fruit-scented soaps?

22 – Do you have a fruit bowl? What is in it right now? What fruit is in your refrigerator?

23 – How many kinds of apples do you think there are? What is your favorite kind?

24 – What kinds of fruits can grow in cold weather climates? What fruits grow in deserts?

25 – Which fruits do you peel before you eat them? Which fruits have lots of seeds?

jackfruit growing on a tree

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