space conversation questions

50 space conversation questions

Space conversation questions.

50 questions about space for ESL discussion classes. There are 2 PDF speaking worksheets with 25 questions each. The first worksheet is quite easy and the second is more difficult.

Before carrying out this activity make sure the students are familiar with these words – astronaut, meteor, astronomer, telescope, Mars, Earth, naked eye, and planets.

The first set of space conversation questions are –

1 – How can we see into space?

2 – What things can you see at night with the naked eye?

3 – What do astronauts wear and why?

4 – Would you like to go into space?

5 – How is traveling in space dangerous?

6 – What planets do you know?

7 – Do you think there is life on other planets?

8 – Have you ever used a telescope? What did you see?

9 – Can you see many stars at night in your hometown?

10- Have you ever seen a shooting star?

11 – Do you believe in aliens and UFOs?

12 –When do you think people will live on planets like Mars?

13 – Which planet do you think is the most interesting?

14 – What do you know about black holes?

15 – What is your favorite space movie?

16 – If you had to spend many years in space what would you take with you?

17 – Would you like to be an astronomer?

18 – What do you know about the Earth’s moon?

19 – Are you afraid of a meteor hitting Earth? What would happen?

20 – How big do you think the universe is?

21 – Why can’t we see stars during the day?

22 – What do astronauts eat?

23 – Has anyone from your country been into space?

24 – What stops people from falling off the planet Earth?

25 – What would you say is the best place on earth?

space conversation questions 2
Space conversation questions 2

If humans started a colony on Mars, would you volunteer to go?

When do you think people will walk on the moon again?

What would be the most interesting thing about living on a space station?

Do you think it is a good idea to try to find alien lifeforms? Why or Why not?

If you discovered a new star or planet, what would you call it?

What kinds of people make good astronauts? What skills do they need?

Why are there so many satellites orbiting the Earth? What are they for?

Do you like watching movies set in space? Which is your favorite?

What do you think astronauts in space worry about the most?

Why do astronauts go on spacewalks?

What do you think of billionaires flying into space?

Is it a good idea for governments to spend billions on space research?

What is the difference between a comet, a meteor, and an asteroid?

Where is the best place to look at the stars at night?

Do you know the names of any of the constellations in the sky?

If a giant asteroid was going to hit earth next week, what would you do?

What things can go wrong when a spacecraft travels to the moon and back?

If a meteorite landed in your yard, what would you do with it?

What did/has your school taught you about space?

What would happen if this room became like space and had zero gravity?

How do you think planets are formed?

If you went into space for many years, what would you miss most about Earth?

Why do scientists send probes deep into space?

There is a lot of space junk orbiting earth, how do spacecraft avoid it?

looking up at space from a forest a night
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