25 cinema conversation questions

25 cinema conversation questions

Cinema conversation questions

Here are some discussion questions about the cinema for ESL speaking practice.  There are some difficult cinema-related words that you may need to go over before you start the conversation. These include – popcorn, caramel, salty, VIP. foreign, subtitles, genre, previews, annoy, and local.

The pictures at the top of the worksheet are – ticket booth, 3D glasses, film reel, megaphone, hotdog, flashlight/torch, film, tickets, movie projector, billboard, and popcorn. Once students have identified the objects, ask them what is the purpose of each one. You want to elicit responses such as – “A ticket booth is a place that sells tickets”, or “A megaphone is used to make a person’s voice louder”.

The cinema conversation questions are –

When was the last time you went to a cinema? What movie did you see?

How much does it cost to go to the cinema in your country?

What kinds of snacks and drinks do you usually buy when you go to a cinema?

What kind of popcorn do you like – sweet with sugar, caramel. or salty?

Have you ever walked out of the cinema because the movie was terrible?

How do you feel when you come out of a cinema after watching a movie?

Have you ever been on a date to the cinema? What film did you watch?

Are there many cinemas in your town or city? Are they modern?

How are VIP chairs different from regular ones in cinemas?

Why do you think some movies are shown in cinemas but others aren’t?

Do you prefer to watch films in cinemas or at home on your sofa? Why?

Have you ever watched a foreign film with subtitles at a movie theatre?

What film genres do you usually choose when you go to watch a movie?

Do you turn your phone off in the cinema? What do you think of people who don’t?

Have you ever been to a 3D or 4D cinema? What was it like?

What are the best and worst 2 movies you have seen in a cinema?

Do you like to get into the cinema early to watch the previews?

What movies are showing in cinemas right now where you live?

Can you remember the first time you ever went to a cinema? What did you see?

Where in the cinema do you like to sit when you go to watch a movie?

What kinds of things annoy you at cinemas? What can you do about these things?

Do you plan on going to the movies again soon? What film do you want to see?

Do you have a favorite cinema? How far is it from your home?

Are there student discounts or discount nights at your local cinemas?

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