25 conversation questions about migration

25 Conversation questions about migration

Conversation questions about migration

People and animals travel across the globe, sometimes as a permanent move and other times seasonal. They migrate for better life conditions and opportunities, something we all want. These migration discussion questions are perfect for an advanced conversation with friends, colleagues, and students who are interested in the world’s movement.

For English language learners, the most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – positive, negative, migration, immigration, emigration, documentary, consider, multicultural, refugee, abroad, legal, illegal, deter, effective, and welcoming.


The conversation questions about migration are –


1 – Do you think that one day people will immigrate to another planet? When will this happen?

2 – What does the word migration mean to you? Do you think it is positive or negative?

3 – Do you know the difference between migration, immigration, and emigration?

4 – Have you ever watched a documentary about animal migration? What happened in it?

5 – What animals in your country migrate? How far do they go, and why do they travel?

6 – If you could migrate every summer or winter to another place, where would you go?

7 – Have you ever considered immigrating to another country? Where and why?

8 – Is the city or town that you live in very multicultural? Where are most people from?

9 – What would you say is the difference between a migrant and a refugee?

10 – How would the world be different if people could live anywhere that they wanted to?

11 – What would you need to do to migrate to Australia or the USA for 6 months?

12 – Where do people who emigrate from your home country often go to and why?

13 – What would make you consider immigrating to the other side of the world?

14 – Do you have any friends or family that have moved abroad? Why did they go?

15 – Were your ancestors born where your family now lives? Where is their original home?

16 – Does your country get many illegal immigrants? Where do these people come from?

17 – Do you think it is easy or difficult for people to immigrate to your home country?

18 – Some sea turtles travel up to 10,000 miles each year. Why do you think they do this?

19 – How do legal immigrants enter your country? How about illegal immigrants?

20 – What things does your nation do to deter illegal immigration? Is it effective?

21 – Do migrants to your country receive any assistance from your government?

22 – What would you suggest that a person who came to live in your hometown do?

23 – If you had to live in another country forever, where would you choose to go and why?

24 – Do you think that people immigrating to where you live is a good or bad thing? Why?

25 – What do you think are the 3 most welcoming countries for an immigrant to move to?

26 – Are there any migrant workers where you live? Where do they come from and what jobs do they do?

migrating crabs on a beach

Terminology related to the migration questions

Depending on your group, it may be quite useful to go over these terms before starting the discussion.

Migrate – This means to move for an extended period of time but not forever. Most often than not when you migrate you intend to return back to where you came from.

Immigrate – This means to move elsewhere permanently. To move to a new place that you are not from.

Emigrate – This means to move from one place to another. To be more clear – People emigrate from their countries and immigrate to other countries.

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