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36 Free printable clothing flashcards (PDF)

Clothing flashcards

Here are some lovely free clothing flashcards with real pictures. They are great for teaching clothes vocabulary to both children and ESL students. There are many ways they can be used in fun and engaging activities. Check below for some great ideas.

The clothing and accessories featured on these flashcards are –

Sheet 1 – t-shirt, shorts, dress, and skirt.

Sheet 2 – jeans, jacket, socks, and shirt.

Sheet 3 – sweater, coat, pants, and gloves.

Sheet 4 – blouse, shoes, swimsuit, and vest.

Sheet 5 – cap, hat, scarf, and boots.

Sheet 6 – belt, raincoat, hoodie, and necktie

Sheet 7  – flip flops, slippers, high heels, and sandals.

Sheet 8 – mittens, pajamas, beanie, and bathrobe.

Sheet 9 – gum boots, sneakers, apron, and sunglasses.

Notes on the free clothing flashcards

In many areas of the English language, there are regional differences depending on where you are. Clothing is no exception to this. In this set of clothing flashcards North American English has been used.

Let’s have a quick look at how some of these things that we wear could be named differently elsewhere in the world.

A sweater can also be called a pullover in the USA. In the UK and Australia, it is more commonly known as a jumper.

Pants can also be called slacks in America. In the UK they are called trousers. Australia uses all 3 names. Pants is also a name for shorts or underwear, basically, anything that covers your legs in Australia.

A hoodie or hoody can also be called a hooded sweatshirt in the USA. UK and Australia can also call them hooded jumpers.

Flip flops is the name used for this simple footwear in both the UK and USA. In Australia however, they are known as thongs. People living in New Zealand refer to them as jandals.

The word pajamas is actually spelled with a Y outside of the USA (pyjamas).

Ideas for using the clothing flashcards

Here are some interesting ways you can use these flashcards in an English classroom.

Flashcard sorting. You can arrange the cards in many different ways that get learners thinking about the clothing words. This could be to group them for what they wear in winter, spring, summer, fall/autumn, or just different weather. By groups of colors, what they do and don’t wear, or even just arrange them in alphabetical order.

Find the cards. Ask learners to find the cards that show what they are wearing now or wore on the weekend. You can also ask them to find the cards that have the clothing that someone else in the room or in a picture is wearing.

Speaking. Ask students what colors the things are on the clothing flashcards. For example, “What color is the coat” or, “What color are the jeans”. This can also be particularly useful if you are teaching it and they, or things that come in pairs.

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