25 conversation questions about trade

25 Conversation questions about trade

Conversation questions about trade

Trade is all about exchanging things and money with others. It has constantly evolved and plays a massive part in modern civilization. This is a fairly advanced topic but here we have some fairly simple questions about trade that can be discussed by upper intermediate-level ESL learners and above.

The most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – invent, paid, import, export, nation, affect, trade war, local, stock market, risky, heavily taxed, expect, trade fair, high-profile, global, illegal, and moment.

The conversation questions about trade are  –


1 – What does the word trade mean to you?

2 – When was the last time you did some sort of trade with money? What happened?

3 – What do you think people traded in your country before money was invented?

4 – Do you own anything that you would like to trade for something else? What is it?

5 – Have you ever done any work where you paid with something other than money?

6 – What are the main things your country exports and trades around the world?

7 – How do you think trade will change in the future? Will there be more or less trade?

8 – Which nations does your country mostly trade with? What things does it import?

9 – What things did you often trade when you were a child? Who did you trade with?

10 – Has your country ever been in a trade war? Who with and what things were affected?

11 – Which shops do the most trade in your local area? Why are they so popular?

12 – In what ways are goods usually transported around your country?

13 – What do you think about trading in the stock market? Do you feel it is safe or risky?

14 – Which products are heavily taxed when they are imported into your country?

15 – What things do you expect to become much more valuable in the next 20 years?

16 – Do you think that international trade is a good or bad thing for your country? Why?

17 – Have you ever visited a trade fair? What can people see and do at trade shows?

18 – What is something you own that you would never trade? Why wouldn’t you trade it?

19 – Do sports teams trade players in your country? What was a recent high-profile trade?

20 – What would happen if your country stopped trading with the rest of the world?

21 – In what ways is global trade bad for the environment? How can it be improved?

22 – What things are illegal to trade in your country? Why are they illegal?

23 – Do you ever trade things with your friends? What was the last thing that you traded?

24 – Are there any trade problems in your country at the moment? What is happening?

25 – How has the internet changed trade? Do you think the changes are good or bad?

a man transporting goods

Expressions about trade

Here are some related trade expressions that you can add to the discussion about trade.

A person who is a jack of all trades has many skills and can do many different things. To say that someone is a jack of all trades but a master of none means they can do many things but cannot do them well.

The rag trade is the industry of clothing.

To trade up is to get something better than you already have. Similarly, you can trade down and get something worse.

If you know the tricks of the trade you know how to do things cleverly and efficiently.

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