25 hiking conversation questions

Free hiking conversation worksheet

Hiking conversation questions

Hiking is a wonderfully healthy pastime that involves exercising in nature and the great outdoors. Just about every nation on the planet has public hiking trails on which you can pursue this hobby.

On this page, we have 2 hiking conversation worksheets and sets of questions for beginners and more advanced English speakers.

The first group of questions below is the most challenging. Some of the difficult terms for ESL learners in this speaking activity include – trail, equipment, distance, single, prefer, coastline, bother, tropical, worried, challenging, first-aid, compass, blisters, and injuries.


The first hiking conversation questions are – 


1 – What sounds and smells do you enjoy when you go hiking?

2 – When was the last time that you went hiking? Where did you hike to?

3 – What are some famous hiking trails in your country? Why are they famous?

4 – Do you own any hiking equipment? What is some useful gear to take hiking?

5 – What do you think is the longest distance that you could hike in a single day?

6 – What animals do people need to be careful of when hiking in your country?

7 – Would you prefer to go on a hike in the mountains, in a jungle, or along a coastline?

8 – What are some good snacks and food to take hiking? Do you usually stop to eat?

9 – Is there anywhere in your country that is dangerous for hiking? What can go wrong?

10 – Do you like to hike alone or with others? How many people is a good amount?

11 – What is something that some people do on hiking trails that bothers you?

12 – Do you think you could find water if you were hiking and ran out of drinks?

13 – Which country in the world would you love to go hiking in? Why this country?

14 – What kinds of things would you take on a 2 or 3-day hike in a tropical jungle?

15 – Do people in your country ever get lost when they are hiking? What happens to them?

16 – Have you ever been worried or scared on a hike? Why and what happened?

17 – How large is your hiking backpack? How many kilograms can you carry hiking?

18 – Do you have any plans to go on a hike in the future? Where will you go and with who?

19 – What is the most challenging hike you have done? Why was it difficult?

20 – How long can you hike before you need to stop for a rest? How often do you stop?

21 – Do you carry a first-aid kit when you go hiking? What is in your first-aid kit?

22 – Have you ever been caught in very bad weather when hiking? What did you do?

23 – Do you know how to use a map and compass? Do you often carry them hiking?

24 – Have you ever gotten blisters from hiking? Have you had any other injuries?

25 – What is the best clothing for people to wear when hiking in your local area?

Hiking conversation worksheet 2

This second speaking activity has 15 simple questions about hiking and the outdoors for beginners. There is a vocabulary matching exercise and a ranking exercise that can be used for conversation or debate. Use the ranking activity for further dialogue – which things are most important and which things can you do without when hiking?

You could also add further questions about walking in the city or during daily routines. Forests and mountains are other good related topics to complement this discussion worksheet.

hiking in the mountains in winter