25 goals conversation questions

25 Provoking life goals conversation questions

Goals conversation questions

The goals we set in life often define our futures. This is a fascinating speaking topic that can lead to deep conversations. These goals discussion questions are just what you need to get the dialogue started!

For ESL learners this can be a fairly challenging discussion. The most difficult words in this activity include – related, immediate, unrealistic, lifestyle, achieve, bucket list, realize, determined, accomplish, nervous, and inspiration.

The goals conversation questions are –


1 – What are your goals in life? How do you plan to achieve them?

2 – What goals have you set for the immediate future? How do you plan to achieve them?

3 – Do you have any long-term goals? What is the reason for having them?

4 – Why do you think that people set goals? Are they important for a person’s happiness?

5 – Do you know anyone who has set an unrealistic goal? Why is it impossible?

6 – How can being healthy and having a good lifestyle help people reach their goals?

7 – How would you advise a person if their only goal was to be happy in life?

8 – Do you think that your parents and other family members have achieved their goals?

9 – If you wrote down a bucket list of your top ten goals in life, what would be on it?

10 – Did you have any goals when you were younger that you now think are silly?

11 – What is a simple goal that you can go out and realize tomorrow? How can you do it?

12 – Do you have any goals related to health, fitness, or exercise? What are they?

13 – What kind of things can make people more determined to achieve their goals?

14 – What is the main thing that holds you back from accomplishing your goals? Why?

15 – Do you think it best to focus on one goal at a time or have many at once?

16 – Are your financial goals similar to those of your friends and family? In what ways?

17 – Would your goals be different if you only had 5 years to live? How would they differ?

18 – What is a goal that you have achieved and are proud of? Was it hard to accomplish?

19 – Do you expect to be setting new goals in your old age? What might these goals be?

20 – What is something that you hope to learn or be good at one day? Will it take long?

21 – Have you set any goals that involve relationships with other people?

22 – What is a goal that makes you feel nervous or afraid? Why do you feel this way?

23 – What is something that you want to do in the future that includes adventure?

24 – Who would you recommend people to read about for inspiration about goals?

25 – What is the most common goal amongst young people in your country these days?

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Further activities

If you enjoyed the questions about goals and want to keep the discussion going, check out the closely related motivation and success conversation questions pages.

For a different kind of activity, try asking your group to write down all their goals. This can be done for short-term goals this week, starting today, and longer-term goals in the distant future. It can be helpful to provide a list of goal categories for this.

Examples of these categories are goals related to – 

  • Family and friendships
  • The outdoors
  • Learning and study
  • Healthy living
  • Finance
  • Conquering fears
  • Lifestyle
  • Helping others and charity
  • Work and career
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