25 charity conversation questions

25 charity conversation questions

Charity conversation questions

Helping others and doing or giving to charity is a positive thing for all people. You can use these charity conversation questions to help get your students to discuss the subject.

The questions are suitable for intermediate-level learners with the most difficult terms being – donate, beggar, organization, volunteer, recover, natural disaster, collect, foreign aid, fundraising, food shelter, assistance, and busking.

The charity conversation questions are –

Have you ever donated to a charity? What was the charity for?

Are there many beggars where you live? Do you ever give beggars money?

Why do you think some people become homeless? What’s the best way to help them?

If you had to give all your money to one charity, which charity would you choose?

What kinds of charities are there in your home country?

Are there any charity organizations that you don’t like or agree with? Why not?

Would you ever try doing volunteer work? What kind of work would you like to do?

Who helps people recover from natural disasters in your country?

Sometimes people are paid to collect money for charity, what do you think of this?

Which countries in the world do you think need the most foreign aid?

When was the last time you heard of your country giving aid to another country?

Are there any special days that you know of when people do charity work?

Do you know of any charities that are just for animals? What things do they do?

What is the largest amount of money you have ever given to a beggar or charity?

Do you feel that rich people give enough to charity?

Have you ever taken part in a fundraising event? What was it for?

If you could start your own charity, what or who would you like to help?

Are there any food shelters where you live? Have you ever been to a food shelter?

Have you ever been to a charity shop? What things did you buy there?

If you donated 100 dollars to feed people in Africa, how much would they receive?

Does your government give assistance to unemployed people? Is it enough money?

If you were homeless and unemployed, where would you go to sleep and eat?

How do you feel about buskers? Do you think busking is a form of begging?

Do you have any friends or family that have received any charity?

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Charity vocabulary

Here are some more useful terms and expressions that you can introduce to your class after completing the charity conversation questions.

The proverb “Charity begins at home” means that people should look after themselves, their family, and friends first before helping others.

The term “bleeding heart” is used to negatively describe a person who shows too much care or worry for other people who are poor or unlucky.

If you are down-and-out, you have been particularly unlucky and are in a bad emotional and financial situation.

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