free printable dinosaur dot to dot pages

10 free printable dinosaur dot to dot pages

Free dinosaur dot to dot printables

Here are some more free dinosaur-themed learning resources for kids. These dinosaur dot to dot pages get younger learners to build their motor skills as they draw lines to connect the dots. They also help with learning about dinosaur names and of course numbers.

These pages mostly feature the numbers from 1 to 40 with a few the highest going up to the number 70. Once these connect the dots pages are finished, your students can color them in to create a wonderful completed picture. If they are able it is also a good idea to get them to write each dinosaur’s name on the pages along with any facts you have taught them about the dinosaurs.

The first 3 printables below from left to right are of an Ankylosaurus, a Stegosaurus, and a Brachiosaurus.

The 2 dinosaur connect the dots worksheets below are of a Veliciporator (left) and a Spinosaurus (right).

The Veliciporator is most commonly known as a Raptor due to the movie series Jurassic Park. Scientists say they were only around 80 kilograms in weight and were about the size of a turkey!

The Spinosaurus was actually even bigger than a T. Rex and could possibly have weighed up to 23 tons.

The next dinosaur dot to dot pages are of a Pteranodon, the ever famous Tyrannosaurus Rex or T Rex, and a Triceratops.

Did you know that there is no such thing as a Pterodactyl? The name has been perpetuated in books and movies but there is no such dinosaur. There was however a flying reptile from the late Jurassic period named Pterodactylus. It was able to walk along the ground using its 4 legs!

Also, the T. Rex used to roam around North America 65 million years ago and measured over 40 feet/12 meters long and around 12 feet/3.6 meters tall.

In the final dot to dot pages below, there is an Elasmosaurus on the left and a Parasaurolophus on the right.

Other dinosaur printables

If you are looking for resources similar to the dinosaur dot to dot pages, there are plenty more here at ESL Vault. For young learners there are some dinosaur shadow matching worksheets,  and for a fun craft activity there are also free printable bracelets with our Jurassic friends.

Finally have a look at the dinosaur flashcards that have both pictures and words.

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