25 easter conversation questions

25 Easter conversation questions

Easter conversation questions

While Easter isn’t celebrated all over the world, there are many many countries where it is. These Easter conversation questions are great for discussing the topic and are perfect for upper-intermediate level English learners and above.

The most challenging terms and phrases in this speaking activity include – public, celebrate, decorate, associate, hidden, course, Lent, hot cross bun, customs, solid, hollow, and commercialized.


The Easter conversation questions are –


1 – What does Easter mean to you? Is it important for your family?

2 – Is Easter a public holiday in your home country? What month is Easter in?

3 – How many days of holiday do you usually have for the Easter weekend?

4 – What do you know about the history of Easter? Why is it celebrated?

5 – Have you ever made or decorated Easter eggs? How did you make them?

6 – What are some fun activities that children often do during Easter?

7 – Do you ever eat special foods at Easter time? What do you eat at Easter?

8 – Why are eggs, chicks, and rabbits associated with Easter?

9 – What do you usually do during the Easter weekend? What will you do next Easter?

10 – What is the weather usually like in your hometown when Easter arrives?

11 – Are any gifts given at Easter where you live? What gifts are given?

12 – Do you prefer to celebrate Easter or Christmas? Why?

13 – Have you ever taken part in an Easter egg hunt? Where were the eggs hidden?

14 – If you could spend Easter weekend anywhere in the world, where would you go?

15 – Do you think that Easter was celebrated differently 100 years ago? In what ways?

16 – What is a good number of chocolate eggs to give children at Easter?

17 – What would you like to eat for a perfect 3 course Easter lunch?

18 – What are your favorite and least favorite things about Easter?

19 – Do you know what Lent is? Have you ever eaten a hot cross bun?

20 – Why is Easter celebrated on a different date every year?

21 – Do you ever visit friends or relatives at Easter? Who do you usually visit?

22 – What is the best chocolate for an easter egg? Do you prefer solid or hollow eggs?

23 – Have you heard of any interesting Easter customs in other countries?

24 – Do you feel that Easter has become overly commercialized? Why or why not?

25 – If you could change one thing about the Easter weekend, what would it be?

assorted colorful Easter eggs

Easter facts

Here are some facts that answer a few of the Easter conversation questions in case you were not sure. Note that there are quite a few differing opinions out there, do some further research if you are interested in this topic.

Eggs, chicks and rabbits have been associated with Easter for a very long time. They were even associated with a pagan goddess named Eostre and symbolised fertility, propagation and rebirth.

Lent is a Christian observance that lasts for 40 days and ends at Easter. It is a spiritual preparation for Easter.

Easter weekend changes each year because due to astronomical reasons. It is held on the first Sunday after the full moon, following the March Equinox.

children painting Easter eggs
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