25 rice conversation questions

25 rice conversation questions

Rice conversation questions

Rice is consumed all over the world and grows on every continent except Antarctica. All students will be able to relate to these rice conversation questions. There is also a quick rice quiz at the bottom of this page to use as a warmer.

You may need to go over some of the more challenging terms before stating the rice discussion questions. These include – utensils, appliances, ingredients, paddy, required, spices, sauces, wealthy, tradition, and involve.


The rice conversation questions are –


1 – About how much rice do you eat each month? Do you think you should eat more or less rice?

2 – Do you like rice? About how much rice do you eat every month?

3 – Is rice grown in your country? Where in your country are there rice farms?

4 – How do you cook rice? Do you have any special kitchen utensils or appliances?

5 – Which country in the world do you think produces the most delicious rice?

6 – Do you how to make fried rice? What are the ingredients and how is it made?

7 – What do you think is the best food to eat with rice?

8 – How many kinds of rice can you think of? Which is your favorite?

9 – Do you know of any rice desserts? Where do they come from?

10 – Have you ever visited a rice paddy? Where was it and what did you do there?

11 – Can you explain the way that rice is farmed? What things are required to grow it?

12 – What drinks come from rice? Which do you like and dislike the most?

13 – Which would you rather eat, rice, bread, or potato?

14 – Have you ever burnt rice while cooking it? What happened?

15 – Do you think that eating lots of rice is healthy? Why or why not?

16 – What kinds of spices and sauces do you like to put on rice?

17 – What kinds of animals would you expect to see on a rice farm?

18 – Are rice farmers usually wealthy or poor in your home country?

19 – Have you ever tried rice wine? What do you think of it?

20 – How long can you keep and eat rice after it has been cooked?

21 – What are your 3 favorite dishes that contain rice? What countries are they from?

22 – Is rice important in your culture? What customs or traditions involve rice?

23 – How much does a kilo of rice cost where you live now?

24 – Can you think of any fast foods that are made from rice?

25 – Have you ever eaten rice for breakfast? What did you eat it with?

rice terraces at sunset

Rice quiz

Here are some fascinating rice facts that have been arranged as a quick true or false quiz. You can use this activity as a warmer or cooler before or after discussing the rice conversation questions.

It takes around 5000 litres of water to grow 1 kilogram of rice. True.

Rice farmers in the United States use aeroplanes to seed rice. True.

Half of the farmland in Cambodia is used to grow rice. False. It is estimated to be around 90%!

Rice has gluten. False. All rice is gluten-free.

Honda means “main rice paddy” in Japanese. True, it can also be translated as “the original rice paddy”.

women walking in rice fields
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