ecology vocabulary worksheet 1 for ESL

Free ecology vocabulary worksheet pdfs

Ecology vocabulary worksheets

Ecology is a branch of science that deals with the environment (air, water, land, etc) and its relationship with living organisms. There are many different ways this can be affected and hence there are a ton of vocabularies associated with the subject. Here are a set of 3 worksheets with different words and terms. There is also an easy handout at the bottom of the page for beginners.

The answers for the first activity above are –

1 Recycling, 2 Reduce Waste, 3 Organic Bag, 4 Clean water

5 Global Warming, 6 Battery, 7 Solar Power, 8 Air Pollution

9 Radioactivity, 10 Wind Power, 11 Oil 12 Biofuel

13 Replant, 14 Smart Car, 15 Clean Air, 16 Healthy Earth


Ecology Vocabulary Worksheet 2

Handout 2 has its own unique words, the answers are –

1 Water Cycle, 2 Green Factory, 3 Biodegradable, 4 Green Technology

5 Nuclear Power, 6 Green Power, 7 Save Water, 8 Energy Efficient Lighting

9 Research, 10 Fertilizer, 11 Electricity, 12 Green City

13 Forest, 14 Water Power, 15 Garbage Truck, 16 Green House

Ecology vocabulary worksheet 3

The solution for the final exercise of this set is –

1 Air Purification, 2 Organic Waste, 3 Endangered Animal, 4 Save the Earth

5 Water Pollution, 6 Flora, 7 No CFCs, 8 Bird Life

9 No Emissions, 10 Environmental Awareness, 11 Nature, 12 Deforestation

13 Sea Life, 14 Water Treatment, 15 Acid Rain, 16 Protect Animals

Ecology vocabulary with pictures

This is a rather easy worksheet that is aimed at lower-level English learners.

The answers are –

1 Ocean, 2 Sunshine, 3 Earth, 4 Fuel

5 Footprint, 6 Factory, 7 Insect, 8 Chemicals

9 – Recycling Bin, 10 Green Power, 11 Wind Power, 12 Plant

13 Solar Power, 14 Science, 15 Emissions, 16 Hydropower

Further activities

For further discussion activities, you may like to use the global warming conversation questions or the water conversation questions.

Another great activity is to get your students to create ecology posters that use the studied vocab. They can either draw pictures and write about each image on the poster or you can provide some simple pictures for them to colour, cut out and stick on their posters.

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