25 recycling conversation questions

25 recycling conversation questions

Recycling conversation questions

Here are some discussion questions about recycling that are suitable for intermediate level learners and above. The most challenging words in this speaking activity include – products, containers, compost, scraps, sewerage, facilities, landfill, flea market, decompose, disposable, and consume.

The recycling conversation questions are –

What things do you recycle in your home? Do you have a recycling bin?

Do you ever buy any recycled products? What are they?

What are some reasons why people should reuse and recycle?

Is recycling popular in your country? What things are recycled?

What do you usually do with old clothing that you no longer want or need?

Do you keep jars and containers from the food you buy? What do you use them for?

What are some things that are difficult to recycle?

Do you have a compost bin at your home to recycle food scraps?

Have you ever tried to make something from old things? What was it?

What do you usually do with scrap paper?

How do you feel about recycled water? Would you drink recycled sewerage?

Are there any recycling facilities near your home? What do they recycle?

What kinds of things go into landfills that could be recycled instead?

Do you reuse bags when you go shopping or do you always get new ones?

What things can be done with old glass and plastic bottles?

Do you think you could make a living collecting and recycling things?

Where does your rubbish go once it leaves your home?

What is the most interesting recycled object that you have seen?

Do you like going to second-hand shops and flea markets?

What is the last second-hand thing that you bought?

Do you ever try to buy things with recycled packaging?

How long do you think it takes for plastic to decompose?

Why do some people dislike used goods and always buy new things?

Do you ever think about how many disposable items you consume?

For more related discussion questions have a look at the DIY and the pollution conversation questions.

plastic bottles in a net for recycling
Useful words for talking about recycling

Here are some handy words that can be used for discussing the recycling conversation questions or introduced afterwards.

Salvage – To save something from being destroyed so that it can be used again.

Upcycle – To recycle an object into something that has an even higher value.

Recondition – To fix/repair something so that it works very well again.

A Dump is another word for landfill. As a verb it means to throw away.

E-waste is electronic devices such as phones, TVs and computers that are thrown away.

To hand something down, means to give something of yours to a younger family member for them to use.

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