football conversation questions for ESL

25 football conversation questions

Football conversation questions

Discussion questions on the beautiful game for English learning classes. Some of the terminology on this worksheet you may need to teach in advance include – support, rules, earn, capacity, position, assistant, hooligan, advantage, disadvantage, passionate, penalty, can’t stand, involved, and outcome.

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The football conversation questions are –

Have you ever played football?

Are you a fast runner?

Which football team do you support? Why did you start following this team?

What do you think is the best team in the world right now?

Can you explain the rules of football in English?

Have you ever been to a live football match? Who played and what was the score?

Do you think footballers earn a lot of money? How about in your home country?

When does a referee show a yellow or red card?

Is there a football stadium in your town or city? What is its capacity?

Do you like to watch the world cup? Which 3 teams are your favourites?

Do you ever watch women’s football?

Who’s the most famous footballer in your country? What position does he play?

Who do you think is the greatest football player of all time?

What is your opinion on VAR? (video assistant referee)

Why do you think football is loved around the whole world?

If you could change one of the rules in football, what would it be?

Do any football teams in your country have hooligans?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a professional footballer?

Do you know anyone who is too passionate about their football team?

What do you think of players who dive for free kicks and penalties?

Is there a football player that you really can’t stand? How about a team?

What is your favourite footballing moment? Who was involved?

If you could be a professional footballer, what position would you like to play?

Do you think referees can change the outcome of a football match?

Which country do you think plays the best football?

a soccer player kicking a football
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