success conversation questions for ESL classes

25 success conversation questions

Success conversation questions

This is a good worksheet for teens and older students. Success means different things for different people and we all have our own ideas on how we should achieve it.

The success conversation questions are –

Have you ever achieved something difficult?

Do you believe money is important to success?

How would you define success? How do your parents define success?

Who is the most successful person you know?

What kind of people become successful? What are their habits?

How do successful people behave differently from others?

In what way would you like to achieve success?

Are all successful people happy? Why or why not?

Which do you think is most important, success in marriage or success in finance?

If a person wins the lottery do you think they are successful?

Can a person with a poor education become successful?

Is fame a sign of success? Are unsuccessful people ever famous?

How much does luck play a part in success?

If you are born into a successful family do you think you are guaranteed success?

What was the last really successful moment you had?

Is it possible to be too successful?

Have you ever read a book on how to be a success? What was it called?

How can a poor person be successful?

Have you ever failed at something badly? What did you do to recover?

Do you have a plan to be successful in the future? What is it?

What small successes have you had today?

What things do you think are holding you back from being more successful?

Have you learned anything from a failure in the past?

Does a person’s health have anything to do with success?

Who is a successful person that you admire?

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