25 picnic conversation questions

25 fun picnic conversation questions

Picnic conversation questions

Here are 25 discussion questions about picnics. This fun free speaking printable that you can download as a PDF. It is an elementary-level activity and only has a few words you may need to go over with your students beforehand, such as – caught (in rain), facilities, consider, shade, protect, insects, disposable, and typical.


The picnic conversation questions are –


1 – Can you describe the most memorable picnic that you have ever had?

2 – When was the last time you went on a picnic? Where did you go?

3 – What are the most important things to take on a picnic?

4 – What is the closest picnic spot to your home? What does it look like?

5 – Do you prefer to go on picnics with a few people or a large group?

6 – If you were taking a date on a picnic, where would you go?

7 – What do you usually sit on when you have a picnic?

8 – How do you keep drinks cold when you are picnicking?

9 – What kinds of drinks are best to take on a picnic in a park?

10 – Besides relaxing and eating, what activities do you like to do on a picnic?

11 – What do you think is the ideal food to take on a picnic lunch?

12 – How can you cook on a picnic? Do you need to bring anything from home?

13 – Have you ever been caught in the rain on a picnic? What did you do?

14 – Do parks in your country have any picnic facilities? What do they have?

15 – What do you think is the difference between a picnic and camping?

16 – What things do you consider when planning a picnic?

17 – Would you prefer a picnic on the beach, by a river, or in the mountains?

18 – What kinds of things can be problems when you eat outdoors?

19 – Do you prefer summer, spring, fall/autumn, or winter for outdoor dining?

20 – What do you do for shade when you are picnicking?

21 – Where do you put your rubbish or trash when you clean up after a picnic?

22 – How do you protect yourself from insects when you eat outside?

23 – Do you pack a lot of things for picnicking or just a small basket?

24 – Is it better to take disposable plates and cups or good ones from home?

25 – What do you wear on a typical picnic?

a family picnic in the mountains
Picnic idioms

When a person says “It’s no picnic“, they are saying that something is not fun or easy to do.

If a person says you are a sandwich short of a picnic, they are saying you are not very intelligent or even stupid.

If you make something seem like a picnic, you make a difficult situation or task easy or even enjoyable.

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