25 gambling conversation questions

25 gambling conversation questions

Gambling conversation questions

Discussion questions about gambling for older English language students. Bear in mind that gambling is an illegal activity in some countries and this may not always be a good topic for your speaking class.

Difficult terms on this free worksheet include – legal, illegal, casino, society, risk, popular, form, roulette, addictive, racetrack, bet, lottery, profitable, and willing.

The gambling conversation questions are –

Have you ever gambled? What did you gamble on?

Have you ever won or lost a lot of money gambling? How much money was it?

What kinds of gambling are legal and illegal in your country?

Would you like to go to Las Vegas? What do you know about the city?

If you went to a casino what kind of game would you like to play?

How can gambling be bad for people and society?

Do you know anyone with a gambling problem? What do they gamble on?

What is the biggest risk you have ever taken in your life?

What card games do you know how to play? Do you gamble when playing them?

What is the most popular form of gambling in your home country?

If you played roulette, what number or colour would you bet on?

Why do you think that gambling is addictive for some people?

If you went to a racetrack, how would you choose a horse to bet on?

In what ways do you think life is a gamble? What chances do we take?

Do you ever buy lottery tickets? What do you think are your chances of winning?

What skills does a person need to become a professional gambler?

Where is the nearest casino to your home that you know of?

Have you ever made a bet with your friends? What was it about? Did you win?

Why do you believe casinos are so profitable?

Have you ever heard of someone making a strange or crazy bet? What was it?

How much would you be willing to bet on a 50/50 chance to win double?

Do you have any lucky numbers? What are they?

Can you describe how to play your favourite or any gambling activity?

What would you do if you lost everything you owned by gambling?

a roulette wheel for gambling
Gambling idioms

Here are some suggested idioms for your students to learn once they have completed the gambling conversation questions.

If you hit the jackpot you win a lot of money. This is also used to describe coming into the possession of a lot of money or unexpected success in other ways.

A person who bets the farm gambles with everything they own.

Something that is on the cards is likely to happen in the future.

Someone who does not show any emotion or feelings physically can be said to have a poker face.

If you roll the dice this means you take a chance or risk on something.


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