25 hair conversation questions

25 hair conversation questions

Hair conversation questions

Hair, we all have it, or did at some point! Here is another easy discussion topic that all students can talk about. For reference, the most difficult words on this free printable worksheet are – adjust, head of hair, basic, regret, bald, wig, implants, stuck, hair loss, shave, and charity.

The hair conversation questions are –

What do you think is the best color and length for your hair?

Do you spend much time adjusting your hair in the morning?

How many times do you look in a mirror every day to check your hair?

Who do you think has the best head of hair in the world?

How often do you cut your hair? Who usually cuts it for you?

What do you think of men with long hair and women with short hair?

How much does a basic haircut cost in your country?

Have you ever regretted doing something to your hair? What was it?

What kind of haircuts do your parents have? Do they look good?

If you became bald would you wear a wig or get hair implants?

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Do you know any natural or herbal ways to wash your hair? What are they?

How many styles of haircuts can you think of? What are they?

Would you ever consider getting a mohawk? Why or why not?

How was your hair different from now 10 years ago?

What is the worst hairstyle you have ever seen?

If a stranger had something stuck in their hair, would you tell them?

Do you worry about hair loss or going grey? What can you do about it?

What kind of hair do you prefer a boyfriend or girlfriend to have?

Do you carry a comb or brush with you when you go out?

When was your last haircut? When do you plan to get your haircut next?

Would you ever shave your head for charity?

What do you think of men with long beards?

What kinds of food can you eat to keep your hair healthy?

a girl tossing her pink hair
Hair idioms

Here are some interesting hair idioms to introduce to your students once you have completed speaking about the hair conversation questions –

A bad hair day is when a person’s hair looks bad, and they feel irritated by this. Often a bad hair day just means a bad day in general with things not going your way.

If you let your hair down, you behave freely without caring about what anybody else thinks of your behaviour.

To get in someone’s hair is to irritate or bother them, often persistently.

If something is very scary or horrifying you can say it makes your hair stand on end.



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